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Radhaa Nilia and Mike Pestano of Radhaa Publishing House was part of the star-studded lineup at the third annual Peace Song Awards, sponsored by Empower With Art Productions last September 21, 2019. The event took place at AWA Oasia, a hip and holistic community center for arts and entertainment in Los Angeles’s renowned Arts District, Downtown LA (DTLA); AWA Oasia is a 14,000 sq.Radhaa Publishing House, Rocks the Peace Song Awards ft. industrial chic venue located at 608 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90021. The live broadcast of the Peace Song Awards (PSAs) coincided with the celebration of International Peace Day.

Radhaa Nilia shares onstage at the Peace Song Awards

Mike Pestano, Chief Technical Advisor at Radhaa Publishing House gets interviewed

Radhaa is the founder of Radhaa Publishing House and Goddess Code Academy. Radhaa Publishing House was at this prestigious event and exhibit their newly published collaboration book, Awakening Starseeds: Shattering Illusions Volume One. 

This first collaborative book, is now available online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“This book contains transcendental experiences carrying the readers into other realms. A multidimensional weaving of real life stories from all walks of life.” Raw and revealing experiences, real-life stories shared by authors who shamelessly and openly recognize they are in the process of shedding the old paradigm. Each author offers their inner strength and courage, sharing vulnerabilities from an authentic place. Collectively, these authors are healing the planet by healing themselves and speaking truths that would not have been readily embraced just a few years ago. “Like precious gems, these experiences unearthed from deep within contain invaluable teachings. The triumphant starseed stories in this book will assist in awakening other starseeds who are still groping in the dark and needing to connect with their tribe. These stories will become the bridge to other starseeds who are looking for inspiration and guidance.”

Real people with real stories. One of the most unusual books on the market today because it is a collaborative effort from our international community. Authors came from Asia, Europe, Middle East, Canada, and, of course, the United States of America. Awakening Starseeds encompasses diversity, brilliance, precious knowledge, wisdom, and gifts of healing. The Starseed Authors for this first edition collaboration include: Radhaa Nilia, Michael Pestano, Maya The Shaman, Michelle Kearney Lopez, Lyn Pacificar, Stasia Bliss, Joshua Hathaway, Captain Cosmic, Robert Rubin, Susan Hassen, Raziel Arcega, Cristal Ortiz, Arrameia Auraire Araiss, Byron Bradley Carrier, Teza Zialcita, Lillie Love, Karuna Chinchkhede, Lalitah Sunra, Abigail Diaz Juan. Illustration by Inter Stellary.

Radhaa Publishing House is a holistic publishing company that focuses on heart centered, mind-expanding, truth-telling and transformative stories by authors across the world. 

Radhaa Nilia, a multi-published author and speaker and founder of Radhaa Publishing House was one of the guest speakers. She presented and shared a Goddess Quan Yin heart chakra healing and meditation which is a part of her signature modality, Goddess Activations™.

Radhaa is also the founder of Goddess Code Academy. It is an online school that trains and certifies you in a number of ancient and modern healing modalities. The Academy has highly skilled teachers that offer courses in all sorts of techniques the healing arts including her signature modality, Goddess Activations™. 

Quan Yin Goddess Activations™ Healing Workbook is available online at:

The Peace Song Awards and International Peace Day Celebration was broadcasted live to several million homes worldwide through the generous services of Peter Young, President of Hubcast Media and Shan Hashemidazeh, President of MelliTV. 

Women supporting women at Peace Song Awards, 2019. 

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