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Radhaa Publishing announces the launch of Radhaa Nilia’s latest book, The Galactic Goddess: Ascending Beyond Duality on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other book outlets.This book is a heartfelt, intensely honest and intimate memoir: the story of an awakening starseed and her adventures in duality.

Galactic Goddess is a heartfelt, intensely honest and intimate memoir: The story of an awakening Starseed and her adventures in duality. A 5th generation Shaman, Radhaa lived in the isolated and magical mountains of the Cordilleras as a young girl. Amnesia kicked in at the age of five as she faced the ruptures of her east meets west bloodline. Thrown into unusual life circumstances, her portal to the Divine slowly closed down leading her into the path of duality. The underworld exploration included everything from joining a cult to drug induced nights at the Playboy mansion, the rape culture of Hollywood and coming face to face with the False Goddess that seemed inherently part of the American dream. The path of duality led to rock bottom. The abuse, betrayal and the dark night of the soul eventually revealed the path as refuge, into the sacred. 

Exquisite, enthralling, and at times earth-shattering, this shameless wise woman calls you to dive into these revealing and authentic stories so that you can find the reflection of your own wisdom as you drink in the marvels, visions and lessons put forward in the pages of this book.

Radhaa Publishing is an incubator for upcoming spiritual and heart-based literary all-stars. Created to allow soulful writers to have a voice through their literary works. Radhaa Publishing is committed to delivering products and services that empower and educate the individual while helping to heal our planet.

Radhaa Publishing also invites upcoming and heart-based authors to share their stories of awakening, healing, manifesting, and moving beyond the veil in their first collaborative book series. The book is titled Awakening Starseeds: Stories Beyond the Stargates. This book is an inspiring collection of stories of awakening by enlightened souls on their journey of ascension and spiritual enlightenment. The readers are taken into the authors’ worlds and in the process are activated into their own souls’ awakening. This is the exclusive invitation link to be a part of this game-changing book series:

Aside from being a pioneering leader and creator of the original modality Goddess Activations™, Radhaa is also at the forefront of feminine empowerment and education through her Goddess Code Academy™, a mystical school for the modern woman. Radhaa regularly publishes online programs, conducts international retreats, speaks at online summits and live events, and Goddess Activations™ training.  Radhaa is also the host of the fast-rising Galactic Goddess Podcast on Anchor and Apple iTunes.

To have Radhaa host a workshop, online summit, and be a guest speaker  in your area her contact information is below:

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Contact Person: Raziel Fuentebella Arcega

Country: United States

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