RED MANGO Franchise Complaints


Red Mango is a franchise opportunity promoted and sold by Red Mango, FC, LLC, a Texas limited liability company.  It requires an investment of $287,000 to $423,000.  Almost from the start, Red Mango has had a disturbingly high store failure and turnover rate.  We are asking Red Mango franchisees, employees and corporate executives why so many Red Mango stores close and franchise investments are lost.

(UnhappyFranchisee.Com)  According to Red Mango franchise marketing, “Red Mango Yogurt Café is an established leader among frozen yogurt franchises… we truly enjoy helping our franchisees build strong, successful businesses and make a positive impact in their local communities.”

Red Mango claims that its “outstanding support team” provides “training and support every step of the way for your frozen yogurt franchise, including marketing assistance.”

Red Mango marketing implies that franchisees can feel confident investing $287,000 to $423,000 in its franchise, since its “parent company BRIX Holdings, a world-renowned team known for creating exceptional growth and improvement in a variety of restaurant franchises.”   Brix’s current holdings include Red Mango Frozen Yogurt, Smoothie Factory & RedBrick Pizza.

The Red Mango franchise website states “With more and more consumers realizing the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, there’s never been a better time to own a frozen yogurt franchise.”

Red Mango Franchise Has a History of Store Failures & Turnover

A review of past Red Mango franchise disclosure documents (FDDs) produced by the franchisor indicates a far less rosy picture than that portrayed in Red Mango’s marketing.

Even in its early years, Red Mango had a high franchise turnover rate.

Between 2007 – 2011, Red Mango opened 164 U.S. franchises. During that same period, 48 (27%) of those franchises were terminated (24), reacquired by the franchisor (6), or ceased operation for other reasons (15).

According to the 2018 Red Mango Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), the failure rate has become even worse in recent years.

Of the 212 domestic Red Mango franchise agreements that existed between 2015 – 2017, more than half (55%) were terminated or transferred to new owners.

If the 116 franchisees who left the system each lost $300,000, that would mean nearly $35,000,000 was lost on Red Mango franchise investments in just that 3 year period.

Of course, these losses were incurred by Red Mango franchise owners.  Red Mango, FC, LLC showed a profit in each of these years.

Red Mango Franchise Failures:  Why So Many?

We have received complaints from Red Mango franchise owner.  One states:

However, we would like to hear the opinions of current and former franchise owners, employees and corporate executives on the high failure rates that seem to have plagued Red Mango from the start.

  • Why are so many Red Mango franchise owners unable to recoup their investments?
  • What steps has the franchisor taken to help struggling Red Mango franchise owners?  Are they working?
  • With franchise turnover at 55%, should Red Mango stop selling franchises until the problem is identified and the system fixed?

Please share your opinions in the comment section below (anonymous comments are fine), or email us your thoughts (in confidence) at UnhappyFranchisee[at]

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Red Mango Officers & Management

  • Craig Erlich, President and Chief Executive Officer:
  • Richard Jensrud, Chief Financial Officer
  • Melitha Lynn Brown, Chief Legal Officer
  • Mitzi Brown, Chief Legal Officer
  • Jim Notarnicola, Chief Marketing Officer, VP Franchise Sales

Red Mango Franchisees Who Recently Left the System, Including:

  • Linda S. Tyler Little Rock AR
  • Kay’s Mango, Inc. (Kay Kim) Emeryville CA
  • Mohammed Ghaith Mulki and Zafer Jawich Naperville IL
  • Romana, Inc. (John Park) Naperville IL
  • Dal Soo Kwon Bloomington IN
  • Greensphere Inc. (Raji Ramachandran) Freehold NJ
  • Le Rimin Corp. (Jungmin Kim) Palisades Park NJ
  • Kwok Law & Norman Chan Oakland Gardens NY
  • Froyo of Oceanside, Inc. (Christopher Cianciulli) Oceanside NY
  • J&B Restaurant Partners Nassau College LLC (William Murphy & Greg Alagna) Uniondale NY
  • Apt Dotini, LLC+ McAllen TX
  • HH & HM Enterprises, LLC (Helen Holt Paulson & Margaret Holt) Little Rock AR
  • Manmeet Lamba Fairfield CT
  • G.E. Coghlan LLC (Gerald Coghlan) Deer Park IL
  • Huoy Kang Lim and Keangleng Urn Braintree MA
  • Aryan International LLC (Sanjiv Chokshi and Sweta Chokshi) Basking Ridge NJ
  • Angela S. Eftychiadis and Christos P. Eftychladis Montclair NJ
  • Sunny B. Shakahawala Riverdale NJ
  • ADPP Enterprises Inc. (Valshali Khunti) Rochelle Park NJ
  • Jersey Mango, LLC (Yueh-Han Kuo) Watchung NJ
  • Christopher C. Cianciulli Brooklyn NY
  • Glenn Taus and Joshua A. Cmaylo Brooklyn NY
  • S&S Red 2 Inc. (Erin Yeonok Oh) Flushing NY
  • Jennifer Ma Fresh Meadows NY
  • Punto Rosso, LLC (Ignatey Terzian) Garden City NY
  • Scott Buda and John C. Hunter Hewlett NY
  • Frank and Kimberly Staffers Jericho NY
  • LZ Frozen Yogurt LLC (Qide Liu and Tzang Ching Zhou) New York NY
  • Bolla Operating Oorp. (Harvinder Singh) New York NY
  • De Xie New York NY
  • EW Frozen Yogurt, Inc. (Dmytro Voropayev) Oakdale NY
  • Onkar Duggal Woodbury NY
  • Chun Yeung Jimmy Wu Yonkers NY
  • 3TUG, LLC (Janet C. Tu) Houston TX
  • Buddy Beach and Rebecca Beach Lubbock TX
  • Namara RM, LLC Salt Lake City UT