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Redemption Road K9 Announces Sponsorship of the 2023 Canine Olfaction & Detection Science Conference

Join Redemption Road K9 (RRK9) and other renowned trainers, scientists and authors for the inaugural Canine Olfaction and Detection Science Conference May 23-25, 2023 at Florida International University’s Kovens Conference Center in Miami, Florida. Come be a part of history!

ATLANTA – Mar 3, 2023 – Atlanta’s top working dog company, RRK9, announced today that it is officially sponsoring the 2023 Canine Olfaction & Detection Science Conference being held May 23-25, 2023 in Miami, Florida. RRK9 is further expanding the educational advancement opportunities it offers its employees and students of its training academy in the U.S and abroad by partnering with Florida International University’s (FIU) Global Forensic and Justice Center (GFJC) to help launch the inaugural Canine Olfaction & Detection Science Conference.

FIU has been the leader in scientific advancements for canine detection since 1998, establishing the standards for canine & handler detection team training. Through decades of innovative research, the GFJC Detection Dog Program is where science meets behavior training.


Join renowned scientists and authors such as Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff, Dr. Paola A. Prada-Tiedemann, Dr. Kenneth Furton, Dr. Adee Schoon, and many more for this 3-day symposium with more than 20 of the top experts from around the world in the fields of detection, olfaction, and canine training and behavior.


Today’s announcement is part of RRK9’s ongoing enhancements to their “Jobs 4 Juveniles” program – an RRK9 upskilling immersion program that aims to arm youth who are being adjudicated for low level offenses, and those assessed as low risk to reoffend, with skills that prepare them for a meaningful life outside of the criminal justice system. RRK9 will be sponsoring two youth handlers to attend the conference in Miami, Florida.

“I’m so proud of RRK9’s commitment to investing in the future of our communities both in Atlanta and abroad,” said Shirin E., Director of Operations at RRK9. “Our dedication to upskilling and empowering our employees, our trainers, and our students is extraordinary. RRK9’s initiatives like Jobs 4 Juveniles, K9 Courtroom Advocates Programs and our literacy program called Brittany’s Buddies: Kids Reading with K9s can be life changing for all of the participants.”

To learn more about RRK9’s Jobs 4 Juveniles Program, RRK9 Courtroom Advocates, Brittany’s Buddies or training on basic emergency response skills, visit:

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