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Reduce Sugar From Drinks Says Fitness Expert Oghenevowhero Beatrice Sargin

The founder of Beyah Fitness is calling on President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration to follow the UK in cutting sugar from soft drinks and bring in a Sugar Tax system to fight obesity.

In 2017, a report was published which stated that more than 775 million people around the world were obese including children and adults. Sadly, in that report, it highlighted that Nigeria was one of the top ten countries in the world with a serious obesity problem. Fitness expert and the founder of Beyah Fitness was shocked with the results and is now demanding action should be taken to reduce the levels of obesity in Nigeria.

Oghenevowhero Beatrice Sargin who helps people to become healthy with her fitness company ( would like to see the government of Nigeria tackle the obesity problem seriously and saves lives. According to the fitness expert, one of the major reasons why children and adults are putting on weight and why the obesity rate in Nigeria is increasing is due to the high sugar levels in soft drinks. One way to tackle this problem is to follow the UK and put a tax on sugary drinks and to reduce the amount of sugar that is included in their ingredients.

“We need to put a stop to the obesity problem in Nigeria”, explained Oghenevowhero Beatrice Sargin. “The root of the problem starts with our children. If we can teach them to eat healthy foods, and if we can reduce the sugar in soft drinks, then we can reduce the obesity problem and save lives. As well as saving lives, we can also reduce the amount of money that is spent on tackling obesity health problems.”

If the Nigerian government brought in a policy that reduced the amount of sugar in surgery drinks, then over a five year period the obesity levels would drop. Not only would the levels of obesity drop but the number of people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes would also be reduced, which in turn would save lives.

According to the online personal fitness trainer, a lot of people who are overweight or obese are not aware of how it can damage their health. Being overweight can reduce a person’s lifespan as well as reducing their lifestyle.

Obesity-related illnesses include High blood pressure, Diabetes, Coronary artery disease, Sleep apnea, and Cancer to name a few. By reducing the amount of sugar in drinks, and reducing the obesity rate, the amount of money that is spent on treating and fighting such medical conditions can be reduced.

The founder of Beyah Fitness believes if the government watched how the UK was tackling the obesity problem and introduced a sugar tax system, then the obesity rate in Nigeria could be reduced. She also feels the money from the sugar tax could be invested in the health service, providing a win-win situation.

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