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reform the home

Who does not want to have a nice and cozy home in which it causes them to share with the family? That can be a reality if you focus on carrying out the reforms with a team of professionals that will lead you to have the home of your dreams.

It is possible to inhabit spaces that are more comfortable, modern and adapted to what is most used in interior design this year if we carry out the reforms that we have so longed for in our home in order to get the most out of each square meter of the house.


In 2020 there is a trend in comprehensive, partial and express reforms of works and interior design of homes with which you can obtain quality results adapted to your budget if you hire specialized services such as Comprehensive reforms:

Guideline trends

The most requested reforms that you can take as a reference to ensure that your home has modernity and style from the hands of professionals are:

Materials mix:

Say goodbye to walls and floors with monotonous and boring materials, as this trend invites you to combine wood, micro-cement and metal in your rooms, due to its advantages of resistance, easy maintenance and durability.

Coating with natural materials:

The stones are the protagonists by facilitating the installation process of floors and walls with greater aesthetic impact. For reforms we use various types of materials such as marble, stoneware, various similar finishes, they are used on walls, tables, bathroom areas and other spaces in the home.

Bathrooms that invite serenity:

The bathrooms favor the use of coverings in neutral and light colors that invite calm and relaxation. Straight lines are also used in faucets and sinks, substitution of bathtub for shower and use of round mirrors.

Cozier kitchens:

Better distributed space, natural light and the use of central islands as the main focus given its functionality or as a food bar, are some of the suggestions on our Zaragoza reform website for this stay.

Glass to separate spaces:

The glass together with the frosted glass return as protagonists and main materials to divide the rooms and bathrooms, as an element in the lighting, in addition to being key in the creation of doors and decorative solutions.

Appropriate lighting for each space:

As Zaragoza reforms explains, each room in your home will require a different type of lighting according to its needs, being important to enhance natural light, using lamps, luminaires and artificial lighting systems, along with points of light, backlighting for furniture and strategic points.

Use of neutral colors:

This year neutral colors will be favored in interior decoration, which together with appropriate lighting will give greater harmony to your rooms. Striking colors like gold, orange, green and pink will continue to be used this time on smaller details or objects.

If you are thinking of carrying out a comprehensive reform in your home, it is important that you have the best professionals to provide you with personalized advice to know exactly what changes you need to make and how to obtain them at a lower cost and in record time.

If you live in the capital of Aragon, Zaragoza reforms will offer you the advice, budget and execution of the changes that will lead you to have a more welcoming, bright and comfortable home according to interior design and decoration trends:

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