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Renowned Japanese Educator Kunio Hara to Showcase Innovative Educational Method on New TV Program

Tokyo, Japan – Kunio Hara, esteemed president of the Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation, is set to share his pioneering educational training approach on an upcoming television program. The show, slated to explore a diverse array of modern Japan’s most compelling topics, will highlight Hara’s groundbreaking method known as “Ho-Me-I-Ku,” which has garnered widespread acclaim for its transformative impact on individuals and organizations alike.

Hara’s television appearance marks a significant milestone in his mission to revolutionize education and inspire positive change across Japan and beyond. With a focus on innovative ideas and passionate efforts from individuals shaping various aspects of Japanese society, the program aims to shed light on the remarkable achievements driven by dedication and creativity.

“Today, depression is on the rise worldwide, and the world seems more uncertain than ever. “Ho-Me-I-Ku” can be the light that brightens our lives. It doesn’t cost a thing, and anyone can practice it anywhere,” expressed Hara. “I am honored to share the principles of Ho-Me-I-Ku, a method that has proven to enhance productivity, foster positive work environments, and ultimately, contribute to the success and well-being of individuals and organizations.”

At the heart of Hara’s educational philosophy lies the Ho-Me-I-Ku method, a revolutionary approach grounded in the power of praise and encouragement. With over 500 companies in Japan adopting the method, Hara has played a pivotal role in driving organizational growth, reducing turnover rates, and increasing sales figures. Moreover, the method has gained traction globally, finding applications in educational institutions across Japan.

Viewers tuning in to the program can expect to gain invaluable insights into the principles and practices of Ho-Me-I-Ku, learning why Hara’s methodology has garnered widespread acceptance and recognition. By showcasing real-world examples of the method in action, the program aims to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace a culture of positivity, empowerment, and continuous improvement.

“We believe that education is the cornerstone of progress and prosperity,” remarked Hara. Through the platform provided by this TV program, there’s hope to ignite a spark of curiosity, foster a spirit of innovation, and empower individuals to unlock their full potential.

The upcoming television program featuring Kunio Hara promises to be a captivating journey into the realms of education, innovation, and societal change. Viewers are encouraged to tune in and discover the transformative power of the Ho-Me-I-Ku method, as Hara shares his insights, experiences, and vision for a brighter future.

For more information on Kunio Hara and the Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation, please visit

About Kunio Hara

Kunio Hara is the president of the Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation, where he has pioneered an innovative educational training method known as “Ho-Me-I-Ku.” With over 500 companies in Japan implementing the method, Hara’s approach has led to significant improvements in productivity and employee satisfaction. He is dedicated to promoting positive change in education and organizational development.

About the Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation

The Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation is committed to revolutionizing education and workplace culture through the implementation of the Ho-Me-I-Ku method. By emphasizing the power of praise and encouragement, the foundation aims to create environments that foster growth, innovation, and success.

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Kunio Hara

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