Retirees From The UK Are Moving to Panama Instead of Spain According to Panama Relocation Tours

UK Retirees are moving to Panama
Panama Relocation Tours

For many years now Spain has been the number one destination for UK retirees to move to for a better way of life, but now it seems the Spanish dream is over with over one hundred people moving back to the UK each day. According to reports and the chatter on Facebook, the reasons why so many people move back home is down to the increase in crime and the higher cost of living. However, there could be a new destination for retirees to move to in the form of Panama.

UK Retirees are moving to Panama
Panama Relocation Tours

Panama, which has been named as the number one country to move to for American retirees is now attracting retirees from the UK. The country which offers a great lifestyle for a lot less has recently been named as the fourth best value for money retirement destination for UK retirees. According to Panama Relocation Tours who recently undertook a survey with UK retirees moving from Spain back to the UK, Panama could become the new Spain.

The relocation touring company which provides an all-inclusive touring experience to help people explore the real Panama and experience what the country has on offer asked two hundred retirees who moved back to the UK the reason for their return.

The results are as follows:

70 retirees moved back to the UK due to the fear of Brexit
20 people moved back to the UK due to ill health or a partner’s ill health
90 people moved back to the UK due to Spain’s higher cost of living
20 people moved back to the UK over fears of crime

The two hundred people was also asked if they intended to stay in the UK or find another country to move to.

140 people said they wanted to find another country that could give them more for their money.

Jackie Lange, the owner of Panama Relocation Tours recently reported more retirees from the UK were booking on her tours to see if Panama could give them a better way of life. The relocation expert has seen the enquiries from UK retirees increase and puts that down to Panama being able to offer them what Spain once could.

The benefits of moving to Panama

1. Low-cost of living
2. Affordable healthcare
3. Low property rental prices
4. Low property prices to purchase a property
5. Best Retiree Benefits Program in the World
6. Low crime rate
7. Great ex-pat community
8. So much to see and do without it costing a fortune

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The company’s owner is Jackie Lange who has lived in 4 countries, moved 22 times and visited 26 countries. She has plenty of great experience in relocating to a foreign country. She and her husband discovered the hidden gem of Panama.

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