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Rising New Artist Stephen Thomas Opens Up To Fans

Who is Stephen Thomas
Endorsed by Pioneer Hall Of Fame Songwriter, Predicted to Win A Grammy, Compared to Ray Charles… Who is Stephen Thomas?

Who is Stephen Thomas?

After being Endorsed by Pioneer Hall Of Fame Songwriter Milliea Taylor Mckinney last week. News has been circulating rather quickly about the young new artist Stephen Thomas whom Ms. McKinney, predicted will be recognized with an honorary music award known as a Grammy at some point in his musical career. As we take a look back at last weeks article we recall the statement that said Stephen, is already being looked at and considered as a strong future potential. Now many are asking who is Stephen Thomas?

When you hear the name Stephen Thomas you think Oh! Wow! He is that “Universal” Artist that we know of he is different, unique, and interacts with his fans!

Stephen Thomas is an ‘All american guy’ working to live his ‘All american dream’ he was raised in the church surrounded in love among those who knew him. Stephen loves music. When hearing Stephen tell it “music is in his blood.” Ever since he can remember music has been a part of his life and has influenced his footsteps.

His love for music is like none ever seen before. When he is not grooving to the beat of his own creativity, he is being inspired by the musical expression of others. Like he says “music is in his blood.” Stephen also, gives of his service lining up opportunity to involve himself with organizations such as “St. Jude”. This organization helps those whose children fight the battle of Cancer. He also, has other foundations for which he is looking at to be of service to them. Such as “The American Heart Association”.

Balanced and focused Stephen shows his love for humanity with his act of kindness.

This happy go lucky young man has been described as fun, exciting, hilarious, and friendly. His outgoing personality serves as a magnet, that draws people to him. Stephen is such a people person, that has great respect for others. Stephen leaves you with a great impression and sense of love that you will always remember him for. Definitely someone worth meeting and speaking with.

This is why so many people can be found loving this rising independent universal artist whose universal finesse captivates so many.

Just like Sheila Winston, who was celebrating her graduation a huge fan of Stephen’s she found herself being surprised by a pop up, no rehearsal, surprise appearance to help her celebrate her success. Stephen spent time mingling with the crowd loving on them and dedicating her favorite song “Best Days” and dancing with Sheila Winston.

This is a typical routine for Stephen. He loves people and embraces his fans whenever its possible.

So many artist verbally chant gratitude to their fans but rarely do they get involved in their daily lives with surprise appearances to render love, support, and to celebrate the moments in time with their fans the way that Stephen does. He sees it as a returned investment.

“So many fans come out and support you in so many ways. They buy your music and come out to your events. They follow you, interact with you on social media, and they literally become like family says Stephen.” So how can you not feel the need to give back and keep the love and appreciation flowing with this kind of love and support for one another?

As a young man Stephen is so grounded, he is not like some artist that party and create this false sense of glamour around their artistry and fame. Stephen loves to have a good time and he is portrayed as a natural party in a human body. Stephen gets this sort of natural high off the love of life, music, the fans, and opportunity that surrounds him as a whole. Just another reason to love this young man.

Stephen is balanced very laid back unlike most young artist who seem to be temperamental and scattered. Stephen is very solid, calm, and realistic. He uses this approach based on his upbringing and his faith both in his musical career and in his personal life. Possibly a trait he learned by working as a radio personality, DJ in dance clubs, and in security. A clear uninfluenced mind is always best when dealing with uncontrolled situations. Stephen has mastered this method, but understands he’s not perfect.

Recently, Stephen had an opportunity to sit down with DJ Madd Maxx aka Mike Mosley to talk about his work as an artist, his influences, and himself as a man and what drives his balance. You can hear the interview in its entirety by following the link

Stephen is always glad to show his love and appreciation to the DJ’s and radio stations that want to interview him. He understands both the DJ and Artist lifestyle.

“Many artist really don’t understand that DJ’s don’t have to interview you or play your music. Therefore I am grateful that you all do Stephen says.”

Follow Stephen Thomas on all Social Media Platforms. As Milliea said in her endorsement about this artist, “Stephen is definitely the next big thing to soon dominate the charts.”

Media Contact
Company Name: Conscious Music Entertainment
Contact Person: Melissa Marcus
Phone: 859 307- 2185
Country: United States


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