RL Remodeling offers Home Remodel Services in Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA – RL Remodeling (https://www.rl-remodeling.com/), the California-based home remodeling, and design company, offers access to their award-winning services in the greater Los Angeles area. Originally based in Woodland Hills, the company has been servicing the greater LA area for the past couple of decades.


RL Remodeling was founded in 2006 by Israel-born entrepreneur Ran Laksman to fulfill the need for a dependable company in helping homeowners implement their visions for their home remodel under any given budget. Since then, it has grown into a countrywide network of accomplished designers, project managers, and other craftsmen. Each of them is an expert in at least one niche and is trained to work in close accordance with specific cities’ building guidelines, construction codes and adhere to any limitations local governments puts in place.


The company prides itself on its offering of home remodeling and design services at below market-level prices without any compromises on quality. It’s able to achieve this through massive discounts received from third-party suppliers. These savings on materials are subsequently passed down to the customer.


RL Remodeling’s pricing plays a huge part in keeping customer satisfaction high, but the core component of its business is its team of dedicated project managers. Every project is assigned a dedicated project manager who is the main contact throughout the course of the project. The assigned project manager oversees the entire project on a daily basis, thus creating a flawless smooth process. The Project Manager assists the consumer while choosing materials such as tiling, flooring and countertops or appliances thus making sure quality and cost are both met. 


Project managers are assigned depending on various factors, including the location of the customer’s home, type of project and their areas of specialization. Location is important because the way cities adopt national and international building codes isn’t constant. In addition, kitchen and bathroom remodels are very different from each other and also have vastly different requirements from, say, the addition of a room to a home or renovating the backyard.  It’s important that the chosen project manager is knowledgeable about both local guidelines and limitations  and has the kind of expertise that’s required for a project. 


Aside from the project manager, a typical project is also assigned a design team. RL Remodeling has an in-house team of both, enabling the company to make further cost savings and eliminate the bureaucracy that comes along with outsourcing work to external teams.


Evidence of the company’s performance exists in the form of consecutive awards from Houzz in 2014 and 2015, and the two consecutive years preceding (and including) 2019. 2015 also saw the company receive Angie’s List Super Service award. Their social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and 5-star Yelp rating lend further credence to their exemplary service offering.


Contact Info:


Name: RL Remodeling


Website: https://rl-remodeling.com/

Phone: (888) 324-1144  

Address 1: 22817 Ventura Blvd Ste 852 Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Address 2: 2412 Clement Ave Venice, CA 90291