Rose Grower Asif Ali Gohar Offers Tips On Growing Roses


Rose Grower Asif Ali Gohar who has more than ten years-experience growing roses and who introduced a new rose variety named Gohar, offers tips on growing roses.

Asif Ali Gohar is the owner of a garden shop in Lahore, Pakistan, and has been crossbreeding roses for many years. With all the exposure around his new rose Gohar, he wants to help other people who love roses to be successful by offering his professional tips.

When asked about one of the most important tips, Asif Ali Gohar said that when growing roses people need to choose a rose that is best suitable to their climate. One of the biggest mistakes people make according to Asif Ali Gohar is trying to grow a rose in the wrong climate.

“It’s very important to understand how much cold a rose can take and equally to know how much summer it can withstand”, explained Asif Ali Gohar

The crossbreeding rose expert who wanted to grow a rose that stood out, hence the introduction of the Gohar Rose said when looking to grow a new rose it’s important to speak to a local garden centre to make sure it will survive in its new environment.


The tips that the father of two recommends when growing roses are:


  1. For beginners, choose a rose that is low maintenance.
  2. Check with a garden centre how often the rose needs to be watered
  3. Stay away from roses that are not prone to disease
  4. Check with a garden centre the bloom habits of the rose that you are interested in.
  5. Fertilize the rose at least once every four weeks. A garden centre will tell you which is the best fertilizer for your rose
  6. When the rose has bloomed and it starts to fade, make sure you clip it off just above the first five-leaflet leaf.
  7. For a rose to survive and bloom it needs six hours of sun each day.
  8. Make sure the rose is planted in at least 18 inches of soil.
  9. Roses require at least one inch of water each week. Only splash the leaves with a bit of water.
  10. It is important to stop the fertilizing process two months before the frost sets in if you live in a cold country.
  11. It is important to speak to the garden centre when buying a new rose to find out how much to cut it back.



Asif Ali Gohar is a father of two who has gained huge exposure around the world since news broke out about his new rose Gohar.

By following these tips, those that are beginners at growing roses can be more successful.



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