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Dr. Muhammad Emran from Simple Health Radio

Over two million people suffer from Rotator Cuff Tears. Dr. Muhammad Emran from Simple Health Radio provides all the information people need to understand Rotator Cuff Tears.

As a popular and experienced board-certified physician working in hospital emergency departments in Houston, Texas and the founder of Simple Health Radio, he released an important new podcast providing people with vital information about Rotator Cuff Tears.

The Simple Health Radio Podcast has gained worldwide exposure for their podcasts. Now, thanks to Dr. Muhammad Emran’s recent podcast on Rotator Cuff Tears, more people have a greater understanding of this medical condition.

Rotator Cuff Tears affect over two million people in the USA, but not everyone receives treatment. A lot of people are suffering from pain each day due to not being diagnosed or not visiting their local doctor. Tens of thousands of people assume their pain is due to old age or some other cause. Many people ignore symptoms that are serious and need medical treatment. With the new Podcast from Dr. Muhammad Emran on Simple Health Radio, he hopes more people will now be aware of their shoulder pain and see a Doctor promptly to receive treatment.

Dr. Muhammad Emran from Simple Health Radio

The free Podcast allows listeners to understand more about Rotator Cuff problems and the different treatments available. The Podcast has quickly become one of the most listened-to medical Podcasts on the Internet due to the importance of the topic and the way Dr. Muhammad Emran communicates with his audience.

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About Dr. Emran


Dr. Emran is a board-certified physician working in hospital emergency departments across Houston, Texas. He hosts weekly Podcasts to provide vital information to people. The Podcast is free. In addition to discussing medication conditions in depth, Dr Emran provides simple answers to common health questions.


Notes to the editor

Dr. Emran has been a guest several community radio shows and is available to be a guest on additional radio or TV shows in the near future. Hs is happy to discuss any health topics on the air and answer any listener call-in questions.

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