Ruination, An Intriguing Work Of Fantasy By Monique Sophia Bell


Ruination, An Intriguing Work Of Fantasy By Monique Sophia Bell

Author of Ruination, a mythological fantasy novel that effectively combines ancient Greek mythology with numerous modern concepts and styles that is sure to captivate the audience.

Kent, Washington – June 14, 2018: Monique Sophia Bell is an author of fantasy novels who has been writing since the tender age of 10 years. Over the years, she has perfected the art of creating beautiful stories that are genuinely engaging and enthralling to the readers. Her latest work, Ruination, is a captivating tale of mythological fantasy that combines tales of traditional Greek mythology and characters with modern ideas and styles. She has a highly imaginative mind, and she can create unique tapestries of interwoven tales that are not only beautiful but also quite thrilling in their ways. Ruination has already been reviewed dramatically by many fans and critics, and it is certainly a must-have book for anyone who is remotely interested in the fantasy genre.

Like all other genres of storytelling, fantasy has also significantly evolved over the years. While at one point of time most of the fantasy writers used to create stories that focused on the plotline of ultimate good fighting ultimate bad, nowadays many stories feature characters that have many shades of grey and cannot be sorted into any one category. It has also given the stories an increasingly complex structure. These days more emphasis is put on the psychology of the characters and their inner battles or conflicts. Such detailed focus on psychology makes the characters multilayered and somewhat amusing to read.

Even a few decades ago, there was a sizeable audience who used to refrain from reading fantasy novels simply due to their moral simplicity. However, reading fantasy novels is quite the in-thing these days as there are a lot of dark and grey characters who add rather exciting dimensions to the storylines. Both adults and children love to read fantasies because they have a gripping flavor of their own. Such dark and grey elements can be quickly noticed in the works of Monique, who from the very beginning, focused on writing for an audience that can appreciate interwoven and complex storylines.

The new novel Ruination written by Monique features not only demigods inspired by the Greek mythologies of classical antiquity but also incidents of brutal and bloody genocides which have made her work dark and intense. The book has been written with a great sense of imagination; the story can have a substantial impact on both seasoned readers of the fantasy genre as well as new readers who are just beginning to develop their tastes for works of fantasy fiction. Her prose style has already been praised by many due to its clarity, and this new work of fiction is no exception to that.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon store.

About the Author

Monique Sophia Bell is an acclaimed writer of fantasy stories. She has been a longtime lover of fantastical and impossible storylines and landscapes and has already crafted numerous works of fictional prose and poetry.

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