The rules for catering in California


Deciding to open a catering business in California is more than just opening a business. A catering company must have a state license and adhere to a set of rules.

Roozbeh Farahanipour, owner of Delphi Greek in LA, explains some of the process.

“Once you decide on what kind of catering business you’d like – we cater breakfast, lunch and dinner – you have get a state food safety certification,” Mr. Farahanipour said. “This starts the permit process.”

With that in hand and the business ready to start cooking, it is time to call for a local health department inspection. Everything must be ready to go for the inspector to compete his work.

“He is going to look at your business location. Your equipment will be inspected. The inspector is going to ask questions and will need to see some things” he said.

Among those things a new catering service must provide the inspector are:

  • The state certification


  • A menu


  • Hours of operation


“The inspection is not hard to do, but you must be prepared. Once you past the first inspection, you must stay ready for future inspections too,” Mr. Farahanipour said. “The health department regularly checks restaurants and catering services to make sure the business meets the health codes.”

Delphi Greek caters its full menu and can have meals ready in as little as two hours.

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