Safe Toys For Children That Trigger Creativity and Innovation


Korxx company came across a brilliant idea to trigger a child’s emotional response towards creativity and innovation.  Cork toys are the best safe toys for children. Kids can play safe, learn sense of responsibility and be content. These toys take depression, loneliness and sense of inferiority away from a child and help a kid to learn sense of creativity, innovation and responsibility. It calms the kid and prepares their mind to become innovative and learn to have fun in life.   These safe toys are not like any ordinary toys; they are brilliantly made and fun to play with. Korxx Company discovered that cork oak has a characteristic that distinguishes it from other plants: its precious bark is formed as quickly and in a thickness as in any other tree. This valuable bark provides the actual cork material. The cork oak is peeled by hand and then processed further.

The truth is that Cork creek forests improve the ecological balance in a sustainable way. In addition, natural cork is 100% recyclable.

KORXX ‘s safe toys are incrediable. For example: Cork building blocks are exceptional and valuable for learning and play. Korxx company believes these toys offer unparalleled possibilities for young creative minds. They  learn how to design match the colors, and incredible construction characteristics. These cork building blocks can help a child to learn an impressive and natural way of thinking aesthetic and trigger invention. The company lucratively has created these educational and safe toys for various ages and people around the world are buying these toys and seeing the results.

About Korxx:

Patricia Kuch is the driving force at KORXX. As a mother and a businesswoman, she knows that children need high-quality and safe natural toy, which stimulate their imagination and support them properly in each developmental stages and age.

“Our world needs curious people. People who are able to look at new things with confidence and look at it with tolerance and creativity,” says Patricia. She is sure that our world will be more beautiful when there are more people who grow up like that.

Together with her family, she works to create elements for parents and children that support the childhood development at each age. Parents should be given the opportunity to offer their children an environment that makes them open to new things, while at the same time encouraging their creativity, abstraction capabilities and while being free of harmful substances.

Passion: Some of the most valuable moments for children and parents are creating opportunities to play and learn together. We believe that natural toys should inspire fun, joy, and many moments of happiness. Above all, such a toy has to be safe and not contain any harmful substances.

Mission: KORXX encourages creativity and abstract thinking in children. Kids will be motivated by fun and success in their experiences with  cork toys. By providing self-awareness KORXX blocks are a great “friend” to bring into a child’s world.

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