Saving Our Sister’s Youth Mentoring Program


The best message that can be taught to every young lady everywhere in the world is self-love. It is never too early to inculcate the philosophy and attitude of self-appreciation. A woman that loves her self would definitely radiate love to other people and her society at large and this vitality has prompted the Save Our Sisters Youth Program to invite all young ladies between the ages of 12 to 18 years old for an afternoon with the guest speaker of the event Sharmeze Little of forevaqueenin. The event not only consists of a first-hand interaction with the guest speaker but lots of food, fun and games. The event centers on teaching young girls all they need to know about self-love.

This event is slated to hold on the 17th of February from 11am to 2pm at The New Zion Church located at 100 cascade Ave SW Atlanta GA 30311. It promises to be a wonderful program that would equip young women to understand and look inwards with affection. It is an opportunity to understand and share the experiences of young girls all over the world.

The Save Our Sister’s Youth Mentoring program was founded by missJa’Nae. She is a visionary who started a mentoring program at the age of 16 for young ladies starting at the age of 12 to 18 years old. Her objective is emphatically to educate, develop, inspire young women and also build their character, learning leadership, developing women to be independent and confident. She also tries to encourage mental, physical and spiritual growth.

The event will see miss Sharmeze of forevaqueenin talk about topics such as self-esteem, being confident within yourself, setting healthy boundaries, making good decisions, pursue a passion, building team spirit, how to be a hygienic teenage girl, the importance of exercise, healthy eating and other related topics. There would also be extracurricular activities such as different style dancing lesson, music lesson, piano lesson, etiquette, crochet, painting and some other fun packed and empowering activities.

About Sharmeze Little

Sharmeze little harnesses an intrinsic value of inspiring and helping individuals especially teenagers and young adults. Over the years, Sharmeze has showcased brilliance and core competence in this field amongst which she brings a high level of integrity, compassion, and tenacity. Her joy for seeing these young charms grow is uncontainable and so she gives an undivided attention to their needs at all times. She finds this path fulfilling as she is honored to be able to instill truth in this kids, help them maximize their potentials, and also boost their self-esteem. Sharmeze is gifted with an easygoing personality-a gift which she utilizes to give these kids the utmost guidance and support they require.

Attendance is free. For further information please contact kindly, and