Self-Help Book Becomes a Big Seller on Amazon – Self-EMDR, Eliminate Painful Emotions for a Lifetime. Simple. Easy. Effective


Available as a Kindle download for $10-73, and as a paperback for $29-95.   Self-EMDR provides a step-by-step guide on how to delete negative emotions.   No specialist knowledge is required.  

In simple language, one of the most important Self-Help books of 2018 is again available on Amazon.   Written by Desmond Long, MA, it helps eliminate deep  emotional traumas.

Recent American research indicates 7.8% of the population experiences PTSD during a lifetime. 100% of sufferers pay for hugely expensive professional treatment.   90% travel for treatment, often followed with a long wait.

Memories can cripple.   Everything from mild discomfort to childhood traumas that destroy adult relationships;   everything  from using illegal drugs to self-destructive behaviour to even suicide.  

    Self-EMDR is revolutionizing the world of personal therapy.   From the comfort of your own armchair, for the price of a dozen cups of coffee, you can eliminate any conflict, discomfort, trauma, anger or fear.

Here is what experts say:

    (1)   [The modality] is by far the most effective treatment used with traumatized Vietnam combat veterans – Howard Lipke, PhD, former Director of the Stress Disorder Treatment Unit Veterans Admin. Medical Centre.

    (2)   The FBI has found EMDR to be extremely effective when used on individuals with traumatic stress tied to a particular event – Charles McCormick, Unit Chief, FBI Admin. Employee Assistance Program.

    (3)   Incredibly effective for those unable to leave behind traumatic events  – Dusty Bowencamp, Disaster Mental Health, American Red Cross. 

   (7)   Where traditional therapies may take years, EMDR has provably taken only a few sessions – The Stars and Stripes.  

Since being launched on Amazon Self-EMDR: The Complete Therapeutic Approach has become one of the most recommended self-help books on the platform. It continues to receive five-star reviews including a review which said:

“Self-EMDR is a simple and powerful way to eliminate deep emotional traumas. The book is a well written step-by-step guide that really worked for me.”

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About EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma.

Notes to the editor:

Desmond Long is available for interview to talk about how powerful EMDR is and how his self-help book can help people overcome trauma in their lives.

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