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Self Help Book Fire Your Shadows and Hire the Real You Gains Worldwide Exposure

Fire Your Shadows is a self-help book written by Pete Betiku which has and will change lives. The book aims to help people overcome the negatives in their lives and allow them to fulfill their ambition and become the real them.

Self Help Book Fire Your Shadows

85 percent of people hate their jobs according to a recent poll, and each year millions of people fail to get the promotion they deserve leaving those less qualified climbing the corporate ladder. Now, that is about to change thanks to a new self-help book by Pete Betiku. Fire Your Shadows and Hire The Real You is one of the most important self-help books of 2018 which has and will transform lives.

Each year tens of millions of people think about becoming self-employed, but only a small fraction take that important step. In the USA 543,000 new businesses start each month. However, only half of those businesses manage to stay afloat after five years. One of the main reasons a new business fails, and why so few people become self-employed is the lack of confidence and not being able to overcome obstacles in their life to achieve a positive outcome.

It’s not just in business that people fail. Hardworking people are being overlooked for promotion, and those that have the experience to start a successful career are failing to pass the interview stage due to not being able to bring their greatness from inside of them. This stops now thanks to the new self-help book which promises to help people find their greatness and transform their lives.

According to Pete Betiku, everyone has the full potential inside of them to achieve greatness. However, that greatness can be buried deep inside which means tens of millions of people fail to achieve what they want out of life. This greatness, confidence, and ambition is the difference between fulfilling their true potential and just plodding along in life.

In Fire Your Shadows, the reader will learn how to remove all the negative emotions they have in their lives and how to achieve a more fulfilling life. It will help them to become the person they want to be, the person they deserve to be. This is not just any other self-help book, this is a book that will and has transformed lives and will allow a person to start afresh and gain that promotion they want, or to grab that job they want with both hands. No longer do people have to dream about fulfilling their dreams, that dream can now become a reality.


About the author:

Pete Betiku is a Minneapolis-based businessman, serial entrepreneur, and public speaker. He is passionate about conducting business and sharing his gift of teaching to help people get more out of life. As such, Betiku provides mentorship to people from all walks of life and many organizations. He enjoys traveling all over the country to teach about business and personal development. To learn more about the author and his services, contact Betiku via email at

Available from Amazon and Outskirts Press. Fire Your Shadows and Hire the Real You by Pete B Betiku. Original edition. 6 x 9, 84 pages. ISBN 978-1-945252-33-4. $14.95.

Fire Your Shadows and Hire the Real You by Pete B. Betiku

ISBN 978-1-432772-06-2 (Available from Amazon or Outskirts Press)

Paperback edition: or (paperback edition)

PDF download:


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