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SEO trends that you should consider in your strategies

Nowadays, web positioning has changed considerably, to such an extent that the use of keywords or quality content is no longer enough, even, they do not add points as before. SEO trends come up with new energies to improve the modern user experience.

The creation of web positioning strategies should be done as thoroughly as possible, creating a guide of actions to be carried out very detailed, based on objectives and counted on the monitoring and control of the obtained results and give the approval of the actions.

But this is not easily achieved, much less self-taught, for them there are SEO professionals (consultor seo ) in charge of improving the web positioning, performance indicators and customer experience in their web business.

Due to the constant technological advances and their respective innovations, it is necessary to have SEO experts who handle and are updated with the current trends. These trends are based on the new voice search, which arises from the creation and the new experience experienced by users with Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple), Google Assistant and Cortana (Microsoft).

Microformats is another of the SEO trends of the moment. The search giant, Google, has generated new formats to show results based on your searches. Sure you have already noticed the drop-down list of questions related to your search as well as a box with a summary and images located at the top of the list, this is known as the position 0.

New SEO trends in search engine results

The most emblematic current representation that should be present in your marketing strategies is the mobile. Mobile devices are part of the day to day of users, who no longer choose to perform any kind of task of this team. Given this we can say that the developments in this matter are based on creating a better experience for the mobile user.

The loading speed is a current factor for mobile web positioning from Google, who made the decision, as of July 2018, add as a score the easy access and speed of loading the website on the mobile.

Another option to consider is focusing on the user’s experience, who is solely responsible for positioning a website, Google only executes. Knowing what the user of the website expects and how easy it is to use it, are two aspects capable of changing their behavior, causing the website to improve or worsen its position in the SERP list.

And finally, but it’s still biased, it’s the web content. Really this I believe that it will not go out of fashion and every year it will be a trend, because, from one point of view, it is the raison d’être of entering the internet, finding quality information and directly related to the search performed by the user.

Perhaps the added value of this element is artificial intelligence (AI), which is part of SEO trends currently. Google, for example, applies AI in its algorithms combining historical facts, the contextualization of the moment, the technical and other aspects to provide the user with a better experience with respect to the response he expects to obtain.

Update your website based on SEO trends and avoid being displaced by Google as recommend consultor seo freelance

Google is the most used search engine in the world, perhaps with some ups and downs, but it continues to lead the users’ preference. This company generates several updates in its search algorithms to improve the user experience every day. That is why if you want to maintain a good position and go up to reach the coveted position 0 you must follow the SEO trends of the moment.

These trends are part of the learning that the website must have to be able to penetrate within the competitive market. But to achieve this you need the support of SEO experts who have the task of applying their experience and knowledge and try to create strategies framed in SEO trends.

It is not a random game, it is about creating methods, techniques and tools that are in tune with the technological trend and the behavior of users, who are the ones who have the last word before Google.


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