Shallow Side Rocks On With Major Sponsorship


Where have the good rock bands gone? While finding a new modern rock band on commercial radio is relegated to a very few good rock stations, Shallow Side refuses to accept the idea that rock is dead. To prove it, the young rock band has just landed a major sponsor in the form of Number JUAN Tequila® after they prevailed out of over 200 bands on the Lex and Terry® Radio Network Music Movement to garner some major national attention. 

Number Juan Tequila® is owned by comedians Ron White, Blue Comedy Bad Boy and Alex Reymundo, who was one of he original Latino Kings of Comedy. White first emerged as a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and is now one of the premier acts in all of show business. White and Reymundo met in 1989 over a glass of tequila and have remained friends since. Their decision to sponsor Shallow Side speaks to their desire to support talented artists.  When White and Reymundo heard Shallow Side they were blown away and used their jaugernaut tequila company to help the young band.  Number JUAN Tequila has won 6 Medals in it’s short 2 years, since inception, to include The Gold Medal out of the Top 50 Tequila’s in the World.

Importance of Sponsors

Expenses for touring bands are high, and not always covered by ticket sales. The challenge for bands of any genre in the 21st century is to be heard. The days of radio play are practically over and rock bands particularly suffer from a lack of any recognition. Bands like Shallow Side rely on word of mouth and social media to build an audience and following. The way they achieve either of those is to tour and play live. Some dates pay better than others. Which is why sponsorships like this one are so important.

Rock Bands Wanted

In an era when pop, dance and rap music dominate, Shallow Side stands head and shoulders over all new rock bands coming out. Their success and ability to attract a sponsor like Number Juan Tequila® speaks not only to their musical ability but that the audience for rock music remains. Shallow Side plays over 200 live shows a year and has also recorded a number of songs available for download on iTunes® and the bands’ web site.

Sounds Like

Shallow Side’s sound is often compared to Breaking Benjamin and Tool. To learn more about the band visit their Facebook Fansite at  For more on Number JUAN Tequila find them at

Rockstar Marketing
385 Harbor Blvd Suite 200
Destin, Florida 32541