Shaun Paul mcGrath & Hanni Bergesch In ‘The Widow’s Moon’ Feature film.


The Widow’s Moon (feature film) press release

The Widow’s Moon Feature film.

A strong psychological drama written & Directed by the Award Winning, German Film maker, Werner Schumann, Schumann Brothers with distribution by The Global Genesis Group, USA.

Brief Synopsis
Love and madness, genius and madness – and cold calculation. A remote, traditional farming village somewhere along the German/Austrian border. Three expatriates, an up and coming Irish artist (Ben Benner), Shaun Paul McGrath his Brazilian heiress wife (Frau Benner) Hanni Bergesch and their American psychiatrist and friend (Dr. Günther Mayer) J.David Hinze plot Ben’s accelerated ascension to international fame. But tensions arise, loyalties are tested until it seems that the thread of reality itself can no longer be trusted. And who is really pulling the strings, so tightly, that they all threaten to snap?

Shaun Paul McGrath (Ben Benner)
One of Shaun’s most noteworthy performance came from his successful portrayal of Martin in Andrew Greener’s Political Award Winning Turner Classic Film, Endgame. Wendy Ide, Film Critic -The Times, London. “Endgame was an ambitious drama with a sucker punch of an ending. Powerful and unsettling stuff. A gritty interruption of the troubles in Northern Ireland”. It was voted runner up by a panel of judges which included: Gurinder Chadha, Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, Julian Fellowes and Dame Helen Mirren. It was Also the first place winner (Critics award), at Chicago International Film Festival. The award winning actor has been quoted by directors as “… irrefutably magnetic and intensely enigmatic”. Shaun was nominated The Best actor Award Shooting People. London… Risa Bramon Garcia, casting director LA.

“Clearly talented”. “Running the full gamut between quiet intensity and thunderous power, Shaun Paul McGrath is an actor of stunning versatility and range. He has a superlative understanding of the art and craft of acting and can evoke more with one small look in his eye than many actors can with their entire range” .Director, writer- K.Collins. London. Shaun has also been cast as the Lead antagonist with Emmy Award winning show-runner & Director, Reshef Levi & Tomer Shani for their new Flagship series, Carthago set to film in Columbia 2021.

Hanni Bergesch (Frau Benner)
German Brazilian roots Hanni is also a scriptwriter, director, cinematographer and editor. A successful journalist. She took the first steps at TV Globo and Mercedes-Benz in Brazil. Since the year 2000 she lives in Hamburg, Germany. In 2002 she developed the format “TV Ipanema”, which is still a reference for international, outstanding TV journalism.From 2010 to 2016: She took a break with her TV production to fly to LA to study acting. There she got into contact with the direct assistant of Lee Strassberg and the demanding Method Acting. She has starred opposite Mario Adorf and Dominique Horwitz in films like “Gegengerade – no one triumphs at Millerntor”, as well as in “Man in the Splits” alongside Clemens Schick, Meret Becker and Oli Schulz. As an actress Hanni won the Gold Medal Happy Times Coca Cola at the International London Competition in 2014, in the role of a woman in the 60s style. As a film producer, Hanni Bergesch won two awards in 2017 in New York and one in Canada & semi-finalist in the “Best Actress” category at the Norwegian International Seagull Short film Festival, as well as making it to the finals with her award winning short film “The Grey Woman” at the Best Independents International Film Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Werner Schumann (Director & Writer)
The Widow’s Moon Written & directed by London-based film director Werner Schumann. He directed “Pioneers of Cinema” (1995) for TV (winner of the Golden Tatu as “Best Fiction” at the XXI International Bahia Film Festival) and experimental short films like “Birth Labor”, “Volk!” and “O Poeta e a Rainha”, screened at Oberhausen Film Festival. In 2001, In 2011 Schumann won the “Best Director” Award for his feature film “O Coro” at the 21st Ibero-American Cine Ceara Film Festival in Brazil. In 2015 he was invited to direct the international feature “Absolution”, a German-UK co-production with a cast of English, American, Turkish, German and Russian actors. Schumann is a member of Directors UK, the professional association for British film and television directors and founder Board Member of the Directors Charitable Foundation. He is currently in negotiations with a number of international productions.


Elias Trad not only tells a story, but connects to the viewer on a deeper, subliminal level.

A graduate from Lebanon Al Kafaat University- his work ranges from film and digital narrative feature films, to television and documentaries. He has extensive experience in all departments on set.
Elias worked as a 1st AC on “FAST AND FURIOUS 7”, as a 2nd unit DOP on “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG” film and most recently as a main cinematographer on “THE WIDOW’S MOON” in Germany.
The Widow’s Moon is due to be released late 2021.