Shoppers Are Saving Money On Household Goods Thanks To SmartPurch


SmartPurch is a new exciting comparison tool that allows people to compare prices of products on Amazon to other platforms. It has become a vital tool for those that shop online and is helping people to save money.

A new Chrome Browser Extension called SmartPurch is helping shoppers to save money when visiting the Amazon platform. Since being launched, SmartPurch which can be downloaded here has become one of the most important money saving tools when shopping online.

Each day millions of people search Amazon for vacation products. However, although Amazon is one of the biggest brands on the planet and their marketing campaigns assure people they will get the best deals, that is not always the case. Unfortunately, each year tens of millions of Amazon customers are paying more than they should for products and that includes household goods. Well, that now stops thanks to the clever Chrome Browser Extension which makes sure consumers get the best deals each and every time.

The way it works is very simple. When you go to the Amazon platform, the new Chrome extension will check the prices of the products that you are interested in, and check other platforms to compare the price. It also takes into account tax and shipping specific to your location, which is typically hidden and hard to compare. If SmartPurch finds the same product cheaper on another platform, it will notify you and allow you to visit that platform to make a purchase. It is a very easy to use shopping tool which is already helping people around the USA to save money.

For people looking to purchase household goods, the new Chrome Browser Extension will help them to save money, allowing them to have spare money available to spend on anything else they desire.

A spokesman for SmartPurch said: “For people who like to shop on Amazon, SmartPurch is the perfect comparison tool. No longer do people have to spend hours comparing products on Amazon to other platforms in order to get a sense of the total cost including tax and shipping. SmartPurch will do all the hard work.”

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About SmartPurch


SmartPurch allows consumers to shop with confidence and enables them to check if the product they are interested in is available cheaper on another platform. If it is cheaper on another platform they can quickly make their purchase within seconds.