Shower cabins and their features still offer great functionality and luxury even in tight spaces


Now is the time when many of us start thinking about what we’d like to do to update our homes.  For many people, turning their bathroom into a spa-like haven is high on their wish list, but with homes getting smaller and bathrooms shrinking with them, this can seem like an impossible dream.  Fortunately, Sam Cassidy of is here to give some tips as to how to make it a stunning reality.

Tip 1 – Forget baths, up your shower game

Sam Cassidy says: “Baths eat up space in small rooms and often make them feel even smaller.  If you’re working with an existing bathroom and you already have a bath I’d strongly suggest that when your budget allows, you change it out for a luxury, self-contained shower cabin, such as the ones offered by our partner Vidalux.  Depending on your budget, you can go for one of their simpler options, which still give an outstanding showering experience at a very reasonable price, or look at one of their premium models, with hydrotherapy jets, steam, chromotherapy and Bluetooth connectivity for your listening pleasure.  In the meantime, however, if you’re working to a tight budget and you have to stick with an over-bath shower or a standard shower, you can still up your showering game by simply changing the head on your shower to one which delivers better jets.  It’s a quick and simple upgrade, which is great for people on a tight budget and also for renters.”.

Tip 2 – Paint your walls and clean your tiles

“A simple coat of paint can do wonders to update a bathroom (or any other room) on a low budget.” says Sam Cassidy.  “In a bathroom, however, it can often be your tiling, which makes your whole room look dowdy.  It’s a real pain to clean and maintain, I know, but if you really want that to create that spa-like atmosphere, then it needs to be done, at least for now.  Once you upgrade to a self-contained shower cabin, you can wave goodbye to that particular household chore.  As Vidalux’ shower cabins are completely watertight, you don’t need to tile behind them and frankly I count that as a win.”.

Tip 3 – Turn functional items into luxury touches

“Our bathrooms are full of items we use every day without even thinking about it” says Sam Cassidy.  “Functional items such as toilet seats, taps and mirrors can all be upgraded so that they are luxurious and decorative as well as useful.  These are all quick, budget-friendly updates.  When it comes to smaller functional items, what I call functional accessories, things like soap dishes and toothbrush holders, think outside the box and use a bit of creativity by repurposing items from other parts of the home.  For example, a tiered cake stand from the kitchen can work brilliantly as a way to store toiletries so they look attractive but are also conveniently to hand.”

Tip 4 – Provide somewhere to sit

“Yes” says Sam Cassidy “you can sit on the toilet sit, but it’s hardly the height of luxury and neither is perching on the side of the bath.  Invest in a shower stool, Vidalux has several which are very attractive, so people have a proper seat in the bathroom!”.

Tip 5 – Remember what the eye doesn’t see the heart doesn’t grieve for

“Clutter is the opposite of luxury” says Sam Cassidy.  “Even if an item is attractive, it may not be appropriate to have it out on display if there’s too much going on in a room already and that is particularly likely in a small room such as the average bathroom.  If something is not attractive, then it needs to be either disguised or hidden.  For example, if you’re just buying liquid soap at the supermarket and putting it on the sink then try decanting it into an attractive container first (and then you can save money and plastic by switching to refill packs instead of buying new plastic bottles each time).  Keep unsightly essentials such as spare toilet rolls out of sight and out of mind in closed storage.  If you’re short of storage space, be realistic about what needs to be in the bathroom (current toilet roll plus one or two spares) and what could be stored elsewhere (the rest of the multi-pack of toilet roll).

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