Sinsankai Co., Ltd. Introduces the Future of Food Disposal with Zepan e-Bin

Zepan e-Bin
Zepan e-Bin turns food waste to compost right on countertop within hours. It Improves the kitchen environment and removes bad odors

Wilmington, NC – November 4, 2021 – Sinsankai Co., Ltd. is changing the way that kitchens operate throughout Japan and the United States with its newly released product, the Zepan e-Bin. This new concept appliance is a smart food waste decomposer that contains unparalleled features such as a smart sensor that controls temperature, humidity, and oxygen to accelerate food decomposition. Marked at an unbeatable price, the e-Bin can change the way your kitchen operates for the better.


With the introduction of this progressive technology, Zepan e-Bin gives users the opportunity to avoid emitting byproduct methane gases when they send their food scraps to landfills, which is 86 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. The e-bin swiftly stores and transforms food waste into nutrient-rich compost that anyone can use at home for their gardening or landscaping needs. Sinsankai Co., Ltd. is proud to lead the charge in innovative kitchen upgrades as home gadgets continue to modernize and center sustainability to contribute to a cleaner future.

“In our conception of the Zepan e-Bin, we wanted to create the perfect formula that would simultaneously answer the call for durable kitchen technology that makes the lives of users easier and cleaner, and inspires more thoughtful food usage for the betterment of the planet,” said Yoshimichi Banba, President and CEO of Sinsankai Co., Ltd. “Now, with hardly any effort or hassle, you can send your food back to the earth as fertilizer.”


The Zepan e-Bin uses smart control to decompose food waste in as soon as 1.5 hours. Constructed to be simple and accessible for all users, the decomposer works in a quick three step process once food scraps are disposed of. At the touch of a button on the touch panel, the e-Bin simulates the natural composting environment by drying, grinding, and cooling with a UV light to leave food scraps unspoiled. This system can shrink the volume and weight of the food waste by up to 90%. “The e-Bin can be easily filled with a cup of water and go into cleaning mode, which only takes one hour. “This product prevents so much hassle and staves off the rotting and smelling mess that is created when using a garbage bin with bags.

Designed to fit your home and save space, the Zepan e-Bin is not only sleek, but it is constructed to limit noise. Technologize your kitchen, shrink your waste output, boost your convenience, and make your contribution to the wellbeing of our planet with a Zepan e-Bin. At the most affordable price for the quality of decomposition there is on the market, you will be able to modernize your lifestyle.

The product is available on a special and early Black Friday deal, making this worthwhile and affordable product even cheaper. However, to grab that deal, people will have to hurry before it is too late:

For more information about the Zepan e-Bin, you can visit their project page here.

Zepan is a Japanese brand of consumer electronic products owned by Shinsankai Co., Ltd. Supported by strong supply chain resources all over the world, we are dedicated to delivering innovative products with high-quality standards. Zepan e-Bin food waste decomposer is our new member of the home appliance product line. We have found that the food waste problem is important to both individuals and society. Therefore, we are bringing e-Bin to customers all over the world and making a small step for a better life and better planet.

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