Six-Word Prayer Reveals How God is Always Present


‘The Golden Prayer’ Always Works says Bestselling Author Edward Weiss

Six-Word Prayer Reveals How God is Always Present

SAN DIEGOMarch 14, 2018Prayer. It’s always been looked upon as a holy grail. A way to reach God. But prayer soars to new heights for Edward Weiss, author of the book The Golden Prayer. For Weiss, the most effective kind of prayer is the prayer of surrender. That’s where, according to Mr. Weiss, the person praying lets go, and remembers who’s really in charge.

Edward talks about the power of prayer…

“When the power of the world pulls us in, we forget what we are, and instead of feeling like a child of God, we fall and become the son of Man. This happens over and over again until there is a tipping point; a time where finally, you are not living your life, but God is living His life through you. This is the highest virtue to which we can attain, and that through the power of prayer.”

So, what is this six-word prayer Weiss keeps talking about? It is: ‘Let Go, For I Am Here.’ Nothing spectacular upon first reading, but according to Weiss, this is the perfect prayer as it has the order right. Weiss comments on this:

“The first thing we must do is surrender. There is no use fighting our predicament using the will as it is ineffective in bringing us back on the path. We must let go of our tight grip on the world and surrender control. This is why the first part of the prayer is ‘Let go. We let go and let God take control. We surrender because God is there. Needless to say, this is not an easy thing to always do, but it must be done as this is what leads to peace, and finally, salvation.”

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