Skin care clinic offers superior care and products


 Skin care clinic offers superior care and products

A lot of people wonder why they should go to a skin clinic in Los Angeles. Marion Simms, owner of Skin Sense Wellness has some qualified answers.

1) Expert care

At SkinSense we are educated and very experienced. We have been part of the skincare industry for over 30 years.

2) Expert advice

“You can get all kinds of advice from many places these days. But not all of those resources are truly qualified or fully knowledgeable about the skin and can’t give you the guidance you need,” Ms. Simms said. “Trust experience and training and do your research.”

3) Attention

Skin care clinics focus on the person and the person’s skin. A reputable clinic does not worry about trying sell all kinds of unrelated products that have nothing do with your skin health.

4) Quality

“You can buy skin care products just about anywhere now. But do you really know what you are getting?” Simms asks.

The truth is many products sold in a variety of stores do not adhere to the highest manufacturing standards which means you could be purchasing out of date and inferior products. This could result in a negative skin reaction and is a clear case of “getting what you pay for.”

“At a reputable skin care clinic you can be sure that you will receive the best and safest advice possible without wasting money on products you are not sure about. This also translates into great results and beautiful skin.”

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