Skinny Yoked Announces A New Online Resource Dedicated To The Bodybuilding Lifestyle


The site is a bodybuliding industry news site. It provides information, tips, and advice to become healthier through bodybuilding.




June 2, 2016 — Founded by a committed bodybuilder, Skinny Yoked is a group of body builders dedicated to providing advice, articles and news for bodybuilders from beginners to experts.  The company proudly announces the official release of its website,


Committed to the pursuit of lean mass, Skinny Yoked is positioned at the intersection of bodybuilding and healthy living. The wealth of information found at its website helps body builders of all styles, stages and experience levels learn how to add mass and bulk up in a healthy way.  The website is dedicated to the bodybuilding lifestyle and offers information on:


·       Sharing knowledge and advice about weightlifting

·       The endless pursuit of lean gains

·       The exploration of new bodybuilding technologies

·       Placing equal emphasis on the development of the body and mind

·       Mutual respect and community building among passionate lifters

·       Having fun and enjoying the experience


The Skinny Yoked website features three main sections accessible from the home page all filled with interesting articles and advice.  In the Bodybuilding section there are articles and advice on a wide range of topics such as how to build muscle even with a high metabolism, complete workout plans and diet guides, the most effective exercises that most people hate, the eight golden rules of spotting, and specialized exercises for optimum results.


The Gym Lifestyle section offers articles on the most effective clothing and shoes to use at the gym, the best places for ectomorph’s to shop for clothes, the best training and diet programs, highly recommended accessories for use around the gym, and much more. 


The Supplement Reviews section offers exactly that, reviews of popular and new supplements for the bodybuilder.  There are also several articles on effective recipes for pre-workouts.


For more information about Skinny Yoked, or to read the latest no-nonsense articles and advice for bodybuilders, please visit its website at






About Skinny Yoked


Skinny Yoked is at the intersection between bodybuilding, balling and healthy living. Designed specifically to help skinny body types, or “hard-gainers” learn how to add mass and bulk up Skinny Yoked is also a work in progress.