SlideCEO Plans to Add 10,000 PowerPoint Presentation Templates to Help Executives Create Professional Presentations in No time


SlideCEO Plans to Add 10,000 PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Visualspiders work with more than 2000 clients from different parts of the world creating high-end PowerPoint presentation designs. “The team took six months to get the first client,” says Ancil Nixon, Business Development Manager at VisualSpiders.

Their designs are professional & custom made, created to be compliant with the needs of consultants & corporate executives. However, they found out that executives need to be wide open to various template designs which can be downloaded and edited to create presentations on their own.  This lead to the birth of SlideCEO, an online platform offering Professional PowerPoint templates.

Ancil Nixon also said, “The decision to start SlideCEO was almost an impulsive one. Initially, the plan was to create a website where clients can give us orders for custom templates based on their requirement. However, we ended up with a website having PowerPoint templates for almost any chosen topic in the business arena.”

The site has almost 4000 designs and plans to add over 10000 templates by the end of 2018. In its journey, SlideCEO has understood the need to cater to the requirements of different clients, but understandably, there’s emphasis on consultants and marketing executives who need to deal with presentations almost on a daily basis.

“Let the design melt in your mind,” says Ashwin, the Creative Director of VisualSpiders. “The slides are infused with graphical elements and images that can help to convey the message in creative flair. Colours & fonts are used to bring a touch of professionalism.”

Ancil is quite happy with the response to the site. The site has close to 100 customers now. “ I am looking at the executives who come to our site, people who want minimalistic, non-fuzzy slides that’s also easy on the wallet.” The most expensive slide pack on the site is only $9. Single Slides are also sold for just $1.

As we dug into the site, we find that there are more than 15+ categories to choose from such as analysis, marketing, sales, analytics, diagrams, arrows, project, cycles, etc. All the slides are completely editable. The user can change the colour, shapes, size, font, etc.

SlideCEO Plans to Add 10,000 PowerPoint Presentation Templates

“Apart from PowerPoint presentation templates, SlideCEO is also planning to rope into brochure templates, looping presentations, product slideshows, and industry-specific templates as well,” Ancil said proudly. The team is hopeful to achieve 1000 subscribers by the end of the year. 

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