Slidepanda : A look at the story of best PowerPoint Presentation designers


Growing Presentation requirement in business arena pushed Mara, a designer, into becoming an entrepreneur for PowerPoint Presentation design services. “My focus while designing the presentation was to give my clients a unique experience of presenting the data”, says Mara adding the spread that slidepanda has helped him follow his passion. For the uninitiated, slidepanda is a leading Professional PowerPoint Presentation design agency in India. Providing services of Presentation design from simple investor pitchdecks to more complex and sophisticated business presentations, slidepanda is subtly different from that of other presentation design agencies.


“This is my way of finding the passion”, says Mara. For nearly three years, he has been designing PowerPoint presentations for consultants, marketing professionals, sales executives and top management officials. “I started with simple presentations with charts and diagrams. Now I have presentations that are more complex and sophisticated involving hundreds of slides in a single presentation.” He shows a project management presentation that presents the complete details of a project elegantly using diagrams, infographics and charts.

The work of slidepanda is known for its freshness and innovative PowerPoint slide designs. Presentation is not just a piece of information – beneath the slides lie many ideas & innovations, a legacy preserved across business space for transmitting the communication effortlessly & accurately.

“The biggest challenge initially was the pricing”, says Mara. Clients need to understand the difference between PowerPoint formatting services and Professional PowerPoint design services. While PowerPoint formatting is just about adjusting the alignments and fixing the margins, presentation design is completely a different dimension of work. It involves creativity, innovation and focus, it is more of an art. “See one of the presentations designed by us and it tells you all with just few words on the slides. Creating a presentation is not a simple process. It takes us time to make a powerful presentation, it’s a team effort. Being a presentation design company, slidepanda wants to work that magic out in the presentation”, says Mara.

“Every single aspect of the presentation counts. A professional presentation is packed with a design that helps understand the message, idea as well as the purpose and builds the bridge to pass on the communication to the audience. This is something that a normal presentation can never match up to”, adds Mara.

We checked out with Rexton, one of the PowerPoint designers in Slidepanda and asked him how easy or hard is it for a designer like him working in a growing Indian company to compete with global giants? Rexton is proud to be a part of slidepanda and says it is one of the very few Indian companies that do premium and high end presentation designs for clients, a business space primarily dominated by American and European design companies.

“Our approach is simple “, adds rexton,” We request the client to forward the content or the existing old presentation and after a detailed discussion with our team, we come up with a theme that is inline with their branding. Our team then designs 3-4 slides and sends it for approval of client and once it is approved, we proceed with the rest of the slides in the same style. This way, communication with our client is perfectly established and that shows in our work”.

Slidepanda is also planning to rope into video’s and prezi big time. Videos are big time trend currently and present a vast opportunity in the current digital world.


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