Smart URL Protocol Adds Transparency To Content Distribution

MEDIA protocol is a new smart URL protocol that aims to support an ecosystem of localized and community-centric content distribution apps that cannot currently overcome the economies of scale perpetuated by incumbent platforms. The platform’s objective is to tokenize the web in order to benefit all parties involved in content creation and distribution process.

Today’s social media consumes a huge amount of valuable data from content consumers while returning very little to the creators and the publishers. MEDIA protocol is set to address this imbalance by introducing a set of rules that will be used to govern the flow between the different actors present in the marketing and adverting sector. Leveraging the power of blockchain, the platform aims to ensure greater transparency when it comes to the flow of value and information between the media and the end users.

Many experts have long believed that there was a need to redistribute the power from the current media owners who are actually a third-party intermediary to the media creators, consumers, and publishers. With the help of the new MEDIA protocol, the publishers will now have easy access to the data they need and the creators will be bestowed with the right set of rewards while the consumers get to enjoy the relevance they desire.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “MEDIA protocol was the need of the hour as there is a lot of haphazard and disproportionate benefits which the third-party intermediaries are making out of the whole content chain. There was a need for improved transparency, a direct relationship between content creators and end users and also a sustainable and disruptive model. We offer all of this and more.”

One of the first dApps to incorporate the protocol firsthand is CrytpoCatnip. It makes use of the right model which carries out content distribution work while offering the right advantages for both publishers and consumers.

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