Sophia’s House of pancakes & The History of the American pancake



People as far back as ancient Rome have consumed pancakes. An easy to make and delicious food, pancakes require flour, water, eggs, and maybe cream or milk. Basic ingredients most homes then, and now, contain, pancakes are eaten in different varieties in just about every culture worldwide. So, how did the American pancake come into being?




The American pancake is notorious for being enormous, stacked up to three or four at a time, and fluffy enough to soak up the thickest syrups. American pancakes origin can be found with President George Washington, who loved them so much, he ate them every week with thick Virginia syrup. Their popularity spread, and by the 1900s, every diner, breakfast-serving restaurant, and household was whipping them up every Sunday.




Pancakes became synonymous with brunch and Sunday. Every diner in the mid,1900s was serving out pancakes by the pound. An incredibly inexpensive dining option, pancakes can fill the hungriest of men up in no time. And since America is known for its crisp, unmatched syrup production, pancakes are the perfect way to sample all the different maple and flavored syrups available then and today.




One of the major reasons people stop by Sophia’s House of Pancakes in Kalamazoo is to try their homemade, rich maple syrup. Known for the best pancakes in all of Michigan, Sophia’s House of Pancakes do not take pancake creation or syrup production lightly. Guests are met with more pancake and syrup than they know what to do with. Almost every time, customers end up happily taking their leftovers home.




Embrace the American pancake, and indulge on them at Sophia’s House of Pancakes today.



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