Sparkster is Bringing Ideas to Reality


Blockchain technology is one of the most advanced technologies available in this recent time, and it is the brain behind virtual currencies and decentralized applications.  Blockchain decentralized applications are providing fast and reliable solutions to existing problems and solutions, thereby, making this technology gain popularity rapidly.

The use case of the blockchain technology cannot be overemphasized, but so many find it hard to adopt due to its complexity. Only a few people who have an understanding of the complexity of the blockchain technology can create and recreate with this technology. Therefore, many people are being restricted from fulling adopting and utilizing the technology.

Sparkster, a decentralized platform, which aims to use a functional software skill services to democratize the software application process for users will be solving the problem of complexity of the blockchain technology by making it easier for end users who lack adequate knowledge of the technology to benefit from its use. With Sparkster, users are assisted in building their model of decentralized applications from scratch irrespective of their skills. It also provides a decentralized cloud platform which sustains the application’s transaction and also sustains the application owners.

Moreover, Sparkster will be utilizing the following features to cultivate the app making process:

•    Drag and drop interface to help users present a possible sample of their decentralized app design and features

•    The application’s behavior is being designed in English to make it easier for users irrespective of their skills

•    Opportunity for users to integrate their use, thereby testing it an actual real-world reality.

With the Sparkster platform, users can quickly bring their ideas to reality without necessarily having to code. Also, through this platform, they will be able to create cryptocurrency projects which can generate up to 10 million transactions per second.  Users have the choice to select the type of account they want. After which the account license has been awarded to a user, the user can then evaluate and test the applications which have been designed to solve real-world business problems. For users to obtain the app server, they have to upgrade to a business account which requires funding to take care of the fees and application development.

Although there may seem to be other projects trying to proffer solutions to this same problem, Sparkster can be said to stand out from the rest. Their coding language and simplicity makes them unique and presents for them a high and straightforward selling point. Other uniqueness of Sparkster includes:

  • Low cost of app development compared to using traditional developers to create decentralized applications for users.
  • The use of plain English code system which makes the app development process faster compared to the typical code syntax which is only understood by tech-savvy.  This will make it easier for users to create apps within a short period.
  • Fast and uninterrupted application operations which are as a result of the Sparkster decentralized cloud transaction rate that accelerates the process.

With the unique features of Sparkster described above, a clear roadmap, great team members, and advisors, it can be concluded that the project looks promising and the future seems to be very bright for Sparkster.

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