Speedticketbeaters.com Says Lawyers Lie to Clients about Speeding Tickets


January 5, 2018: Speedticketbeaters.com is the most widely used speeding ticket defense website in America.  Speedticketbeaters says that lawyers lie to their clients about what they can do about speeding tickets.

Lawyers Lie to Clients about Speeding TicketsA Speedticketbeaters.com executive told us: ”Our customers tell us all kinds of lies the lawyers they consulted with told them. Let’s start with the notion that a lawyer can even beat a speeding ticket. A lawyer cannot do so! Lawyers can get speeding tickets reduced to slightly lower fines, points, or other charges, which still costs the driver tons of money, and legal fees. 99% of the time, a lawyer cannot get a full dismissal of a ticket, and all fines, costs, and points eliminated. That is because judges want to see the driver, in court, speaking for themselves, and taking the matter seriously. Not a lawyer. The judges want proof that the driver considered the issue important enough to show up, and speak. Not that they sent someone else to speak for them!” 

Speedticketbeaters.com says the other issue is the law schools themselves. The Speedticketbeaters executive went on to say: “There is no law school in the U.S. that teaches traffic law. This means that no lawyer comes out of law school knowing anything about how to truly beat and eliminate a speeding ticket. Lawyers know as much about how to beat a speeding ticket, as their client’s do, which is essentially nothing! Since lawyers don’t know how to beat a ticket, they instead go into court and try to reduce and plea bargain down the fines or points a little bit. But that is not winning, especially when you factor in the legal fees that the driver had to pay the lawyer. Not to mention whatever fines the court will demand. The only way to fully and completely eliminate a speeding ticket is for the driver to go to court… With a custom written, pro defense… And fully get rid of the ticket. There is no other way fully around a speeding ticket. Not a lawyer, not traffic school. It’s always going to come down to showing the judge you take the matter seriously, and the driver going in with a professionally written defense. When you do that right, you get 100% percent of the fines, points, and fees eliminated. ”      

Speedticketbeaters.com has been preparing custom, professional defenses, for any speeding ticket in the USA since 2003. They guarantee total victory, and do a free consultation of any current speeding ticket. Simply contact them on their website, to completely eliminate any speeding ticket.

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