SpringRole: Revolutionizing Professional Profile Verification


SpringRole is the new blockchain powered professional profile verification and attestation protocol that has managed to establish itself firmly. The company makes use of spring tokens to perform its set functions aptly.

SpringRole: Revolutionizing Professional Profile Verification

SpringRole is the new platform which is powered by Blockchain, and it is actually a professional profile verification and attestation protocol that aims to bring a change in the way data is handled. It is the SPRING token which is used by this network and every single action on the platform is linked to the token. The token could then be used within the platform so as to perform a variety of different actions.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “At SpringRole, we aim at bringing a huge change for the data industry. We want to be sure that the web is much more secure and information shared is authentic and verified. To create an online connected world which is genuine and trustworthy is what drove us to find SpringRole.”

By collating the genuine profiles of the professionals all over the world, the vision of SpringRole is to ensure that the data control can be put back in the hands of the users. The company is aiming to develop the right kind of database and also map them efficiently to meet the requirements of the job. It also helps in improving the relationship between an employer and a job seeker too.

Kartik Mandaville is the CEO and founder of SpringRole, and his personal goal was to have a better-connected place which has been built on the basis of trust and transparency. This gave him the impetus to develop this platform based on blockchain technology and the firm has managed to rope in some of the top investors and advisors. With the able guidance and help of some of the best advisors, the company has tremendous hopes to become a huge thing in the times to come.

SpringRole aims to build a connected world that is trustworthy and reliable. In order to achieve that, the primary focus of the platform is to put the data control back in the hands of users through collation of genuinely authentic professional user profiles worldwide.

Cryptocurrency is the new technology of tomorrow, and there are a lot of platforms that are being designed on these lines. SpringRole has a lot of hopes of becoming the popular portal for those who want to ensure that the information on the web is more authentic.  

Those who would like to know more about the company and how it operates should make it a point to visit https://springrole.com/