SprinkleCoin raises $2M and counting during Pre-Sale


ICO set to start on August 20th 2018

SprinkleCoin has now raised $2 million during its Pre-Sale at a price of $0.30 per token. The ICO is set to begin on August 20th 2018, whereby the price per token will be raised to $0.60. SprinkleCoin is the utility token for frictionless value transfer. SprinkleCoin’s first partners are fintech platforms SprinkleBit and SprinkleXchange, with many more partners to come.

SprinkleBit is a social network for investing running on an algorithm that fetches crowdsourced data from the community. The data is automatically converted into an ever-changing point system for stocks and users. You can already purchase Premium functions on SprinkleBit using SprinkleCoin, at a rebated price. SprinkleBit is live all over the world, and is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

SprinkleXchange, on the other hand, is the first exchange for digital assets to implement Smart Order Routing and plan to start IPO listing service running on blockchain technology. Furthermore, SprinkleXchange will give users access to cross-asset investments in crypto and stocks. Sell Bitcoin, reinvest in Apple – all on the same platform. SprinkleXchange aims to be licensed through the National Bank of Georgia and compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

SprinkleCoin recently launched SprinkleCoin Executive Club. If you purchase at least 10,000 SprinkleCoin during the Pre-Sale or ICO you will become a member. The membership gives the investor early access to all future IPO’s on SprinkleXchange.

The pre-sale for SprinkleCoin’s ICO is live at www.sprinklecoin.com


Additional information:

  • ICO Soft Cap: $5 Million
  • ICO Hard Cap: $100 Million
  • The ICO is being managed by www.uci.global

contact: sprinklecoin@sprinklebit.com