Stankevicius MGM Gives ICOs Real Investor Audience


Stankevicius MGM, an advertising and public relations (PR) company, provides television advertising for ICOs with senior executives (CEOs) audience – people who are interested in various investment opportunities. ICOs are currently facing hard time getting across to real investors as a result of the ban placed on all social medium platforms regarding ICO advertisement which is a part of the different worldwide regulations ICOs are lately subjected to – only Youtube is left. So many ICOs now go to Youtube for their advertisement since they don’t know about other options. Unfortunately, Youtube does not offer a real investor audience.

According to a research conducted by Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners. Hence, video material is one of the best means of getting the attention of people coupled with effectively getting your message across. Now, with only video channels left for ICOs, ensuring your video material gets to the right audience is one of the most important things.

Stankevicius MGM gives ICOs both the opportunity of reaching out the right audience (senior executives and CEOs who are interested in investment opportunities) and making use of one of the best means. Stankevicius MGM places ICO companies on television which is the next big thing in ICO advertising.

“Considered a form of mass media, TV ads work well to attract attention, generate awareness and establish preference for products and services” – Lin Grensing-Pophal (Author of Marketing with the End in Mind).

With Stankevicius MGM TV advertising; you won’t just reach a larger audience but also the one that matters, you will be able to get across to investors when they are most attentive, you stand the chance of instant credibility as a result of quality projection and you will be able to add better personality to your business by taking advantage of their creative team.

Contact Stankevicius MGM for ultimate TV advertising experience and raise your ICO 1 billion as they take advantage of TV to project your ICO to a real investor audience.

Don’t wait for growth or the next step. Aim for invulnerability from the very beginning – Paulius Stankevicius.

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