Steam Shower Store UK’s biggest steam shower outlet acquires UK’s big spares company

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A good steam shower should be a long-term investment and in order to make the most out of your steam shower you need to be sure that you can get spare parts for it as and when you need them. Steam Shower Store, UK’s biggest steam shower retailer has acquired, UK’s previously biggest spares supplier to be able to offer everything under one store.

Good steam showers are built to last

“Two steam showers have identical specifications, but very different prices, what’s the reason?” asks Sam Cassidy of, “Well, there could be several reasons but the likeliest by far is build quality.”, he continues.  “Features like chromotherapy lighting and integrated radios sound impressive and they can certainly add a lot to your steam shower experience, but only if they come as part of a good, solid steam shower with the sort of features which don’t necessarily sound all that exciting in a sales description but make a whole lot of difference in real life.”

Quality components makes for a better steam showering experience

“It’s the details which make the difference.” says Sam Cassidy.  “For example, you may think your bathroom floor is completely level, but actually in many homes that might not be the case, it may well be smooth and flat, but not necessarily level, particularly not in an older home. That’s why having a steam shower with adjustable feet can actually make a significant difference to your level of comfort.  Likewise using durable reinforced acrylic for the base and safety glass for the shower cabin exterior is essential if you want your steam shower to have any chance of standing up to everyday life over the long term.  You also want your cabin doors to open and close both easily and quietly so you don’t have to deal with people banging doors or with the consequent impact on your shower, not to mention your nerves.

Being able to repair a steam shower should be taken as a given

“I firmly believe that one of the key distinguishing features between high-quality products and low-quality products is the viability of repairing them,” says Sam Cassidy.  “High-quality products are meant to stand the test of time and that means that when parts wear out it should be easy to replace them, in this context easy means both that it’s straightforward and affordable to get hold of the parts and also that it’s simple to fit them (or to hire someone else to do so).  Premium manufacturers expect to be in business over the long term so they’re motivated to keep their customers happy by providing the spare parts needed to repair steam showers.  Manufacturers who are not committed to the long haul may not be so concerned about making sure customers are able to repair their showers after the warranty has expired, in fact some manufacturers may prefer to make their showers hard to repair so that customers are forced to buy new products, even though that’s as bad for the environment as it is for customers’ pockets!”

Steam shower store now also sells steam shower spare parts

“Just to be clear” says Sam Cassidy, “obviously we stand by our warranties and in the unlikely event that a customer has a problem with one of our steam showers during the warranty period, then of course, we’ll sort it out.  The reason we acquired is because we know that, as a rule, the high-quality steam showers we sell are going to be in use for far longer than the warranty period and customers who wish to can maximize their useful life by replacing components as they wear out, just as they do with other appliances.  You wouldn’t just write off an out-of-warranty car because a minor component needed to be replaced, so why would you change out your steam shower when you could just make a simple repair – or have someone else do it for you?  We’re definitely not about making a fast buck and trying to force people to upgrade their showers when they don’t really have to, we’re about long-term customer satisfaction and happy customers who’ll come back to us when they do need to upgrade and who’ll refer their friends to us.  The acquisition of is a key part of this long-term strategy since it now makes us the go-to place for all your steam shower needs from brand new showers to replacement spare parts.”

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