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Phone Number Lookup service is helping people in the USA and Canada to combat against unwanted and nuisance phone calls.

A new Phone Lookup Service is helping to combat nuisance phone calls and unwanted sales robocalls. reverse phone number lookup directory has become an essential tool for those people who have missed calls or receive nuisance phone calls, but it has become more than that.

The new phone number lookup service is helping mobile phone users to combat unwanted calls including robocalls. There are 266 million cell phone users in the USA and each month there are 5.1 billion sales robocalls. Experts have predicted that the number of sales robocalls will more than double within ten years causing frustration and misery to cell phone owners. The new phone number lookup service which was founded in 2018 can help reduce that number and free cell phone owners from unwanted calls.

The new service from is very easy to use. For people wishing to know who has phoned them and what calls they have missed, the user simply visits the Phone Lookup service and enters the number. It will then show the person who has called and will tell them if this is a real person that they want to talk to or if it is a sales company trying to sell them something. If the phone number is a sales robocall then the cell phone user can block that number on their phone.

A spokesman for Whophones explained why the service has become important for so many cell phone users, “Sales calls and robocalls can be very annoying. Cell phone owners are fed up with all the sales calls they get each month, through our phone number lookup service they can combat this by blocking those numbers.”

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Founded in 2018, whophones is a reverse phone number lookup directory. It is passionate about helping people solve unfamiliar phone numbers from Canada and the United States. whophones provides a free community for those receiving unwanted calls. It allows people to enter comments on numbers. whophones shall prevent people from being deceived.






The nation’s robocalling trend continues to grow, setting a new monthly record of 5.1 billion robocalls received nationwide in October, which marks the first time the monthly total has topped 5 billion robocalls since the YouMail Robocall Index launched in 2015. The number of calls in October more than doubled those made in January. This volume equaled some 170 million calls placed every day during October, or 1,973 robocalls for every second of the month, both new records.