Successful Entrepreneur Coach to Launch Online Expert Empire


John Spencer Ellis has just announced the launch of his latest training system, Online Expert Empire. This program is aimed to help people monetize their hobby and passion for a better life and future.

Online Expert Empire is a unique online training system designed by John Ellis Spencer. He is an entrepreneur coach with complete knowledge and experiences in personal development, fitness, and coaching. “With the training system created to help people build an online business, it is hoped that the trainees would be able to make their own first $100,000 just within 6 months. This is a dream that most people want to reach and Mr. Ellis has the best program to help.”


In this program, the clients will be given a detailed plan to help them create a lifestyle business. They will be guided through 10 methods to earn a 6 or 7-figure income online. There are 15 modules available. Each module walks through how each trainee can reach their personal, professional, and financial goals by starting an online business.


The online program will make it possible for the trainees to become location independent, and run their backpack business if they choose. They can take the course at their convenience and pace, and from wherever and whenever. Those who sign-up will also have the opportunity to learn from Mr. Ellis’ mentors, coaches, teachers, and colleagues that combined, have earned more than $1 billion.


Katherine Sullivan, the Digital Marketing Expert, and Online Educator at Marketing Solved has words about John Spencer Ellis. She said that Mr. Ellis is the best entrepreneur coach she has ever seen. When it comes to the discussion about entrepreneurship, Mr. Ellis is the source of reference she would go to find the best advice for marketing, strategies, and systems. This is due to the personal experience and extensive knowledge he possesses. In addition, Katherine Sullivan believes that John Spencer Ellis’ action-oriented and results-driven approach to reach business goals is often absent in the online industry.


About John Spencer Ellis

John Spencer Ellis is an entrepreneur coach that has helped more than a million people in the fitness, personal development, and coaching industries. The systems he developed have been applied by some of the top fitness centers, spas, and resorts in the world. Popular programs he has created include Adventure Boot Camp, co-developed Survival Combat Fitness (SCF), and Kung-Fu Fitness which have been widely used by US Secret Service, Coast Guard, FBI, Cirque du Soleil, Marines, Air Force, and Navy. John Spencer Ellis is also an author, speaker, philanthropist, martial artist, and endurance athlete. Today, more than 500,000 jobs have been created by with his guidance. For more information about Mr. Ellis and his Online Expert Empire, please feel free to visit his website on

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