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Sun Point Team Announces New Training Program for Certified Couples Counseling and Trauma Therapist

Lancaster, PA – Healing is about more than just medical procedures. On an emotional level, it is an opportunity for self-discovery and growth. These days, many people are looking to therapy and psychological counseling to improve their lives. The need for experienced, certified therapists is at an all time high. That’s where The Sun Point Wellness Center comes in. Their team of counselors are proud leaders in the field of mental health, and the center will now offer the most comprehensive training for individuals looking to become a Certified Couples and Trauma Therapist.

The certification program, created by therapist and Sun Point Wellness CEO Laura Morse,  is a rigorous and comprehensive program that has been specifically designed to help those with complex trauma. It includes three tiers of advanced education:

  1. Comprehensive Training
  2. Core Couples Counseling and Trauma Counseling Training
  3. Supervisor reviewed video sessions and case conceptualizations to ensure clinical excellence

A premier licensed therapist with advanced clinical training in relationships, including issues related to couples’ intimacy and trauma treatment, will pass along their knowledge to participants. This specialized program will help practitioners learn about the effects of complex trauma and how it can be addressed with couples counseling and marriage therapy.

“We strive to educate and certify advanced clinical professionals with expertise in relationships, & trauma so that we can help individuals thrive,” said Morse.

Creating an environment where therapists and patients alike can use evidence-based treatment tools to help others is the goal. This would not only benefit those in training, but also helps to provide a sense of security by providing care using the best approach for each person’s situation. The results have been positive for both practitioners and patients alike.

“We were forever grateful to have a Certified CSATT counselor help us rediscover our love for one another. And now we are happier than ever before,” CSATT counseling client in Pennsylvania.

The Sun Point Wellness Center is currently one of the largest mental health service providers in Pennsylvania and and now has offices in Florida, as well. It has been a trusted resource for therapy and counseling for years. Their mission is simple: provide premier evidence-based treatment so anyone coming in the door can be helped quickly with the best option, no matter their needs or circumstances.

The center offers a variety of workshops and therapies to help people work through their difficulties. One type is virtual, which allows individuals who cannot physically attend an event or meet up with other patients in person due distance limitations. The opportunity for guidance from counselors via video chat sessions on the Internet is one of the most convenient and time saving ways to have a productive face-to-face therapy session.

Visit to learn more about their services or to start training as a certified Couples Therapist.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sun Point Wellness Center
Contact Person: Media Relations

Phone: 717-297-0515
State: PA
Country: United States


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