Sunil Ramlall Human Resources Strategies Helps Create sustainable competitive advantages


Employees are the forefront of any business, and by having the right key personnel and keeping hold of them is the secret to success. To improve performance, it’s important to have the correct human resource strategies in place, something that Dr. Sunil Ramlall and his consulting services provide.


Dr. Sunil Ramlall Strategic Human Resources Consulting Services is helping businesses to achieve positive results. The service provides the client with a blue print of how to develop and increase employee competencies to make the organisation more competitive while increasing key personnel retention.


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About Dr. Sunil Ramlall


Dr. Sunil Ramlall is the President of Strategic HRM Consulting, LLC. He has a Ph.D. and M.Ed. in HRD from the University of Minnesota and an MBA and BA in HRM from the University of St. Thomas.




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