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There has been a growing need to improve and sustain people’s health all over the world. To this effect, a lot of pharmaceutical companies are working tirelessly on developing new drugs and improving their drugs to meet this growing need. However, Shivom has identified this need and came up with an idea which involves the use of blockchain technology and genomics to enhance the productivity of the pharmaceutical companies towards tackling health diseases.

Shivom aims to expand to be the largest genome and healthcare data hub on the planet through partnerships, networking and collaborating. And it will be making use of advanced technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence and big data analysis to improve on medical genomics.  Consequentially, the idea of Shivom can be summed up as really unique when compared with other projects.

Likewise, with Shivom, the ownership of genome data is put into the control of individuals. Therefore Shivom will be revolutionizing the healthcare system and it will also be discovering how about 700,000 rare genetic diseases can be cured. Although Shivom is a market place for health providers to add their services, it is however a place where contributors can own their genomic data, control the right to access it and it rewards them when they elect to share their data.

Shivom believes that everyone on earth has a unique code held within their genes which affects their appearances, intellectual capabilities, health and fitness. They also believe that this unique code can reveal if an individual is prone to a specific health issue or not. Actually, the ability of the unique code has been overlooked over time, but Shivom that has taken up the challenge to look into this and revolutionize the health sector.

Moreover, Shivom will be making use of the most advanced technologies to ensure there is a balance in the health sector and to ensure the next level of data privacy. This will be done through provision of a platform that will make healthcare more contributing and a more of a collaboration-driven industry. Similarly, it will be creating the means through which patients are ensured of getting a safe and secure environment to store their health records and DNA data as well as provide industries reliable data to make effective products.

Shivom also aims to educate people about some uncommon diseases and how the diseases can be prevented and cured. It will be using blockchain technology to create a database of healthcare information which is globally accessible, safe, secure and reliable.

The founders are Dr. Axel Shumacher (CEO), Gourish Singler (COO), Sally Eaves (CMO) and Akash Guarev (CTO). These ones have a varied background in the healthcare sector, blockchain industry, investment banking, health management, fintech and social media for large corporations. The experience and expertise of the founders has an immense contribution to the success and growth of the company.

More interestingly is the use case of Shivom’s token sale, which includes acquiring premium services in the Shivom ecosystem, acquiring genome sequencing kits, sponsoring sequencing projects, acquiring access to health, accessing the genome database and to pay donors for data and participation in research studies.

Shivom has indeed come to change the functionality of the healthcare sector and to make the industry more accessible to patients, pharmaceutical companies and researchers.

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