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The most talked about TSA Approved Toiletry Kit Available On Crowdfunding Platform

The year is 2017 and we are all busy people always on the go with tasks and errands. As we progress forward into the year 2018 many people are reflecting back on their year and looking for products which can improve their lifestyle by investing in products which are convenient as opposed to time consuming and don’t eat away at those important minutes that can accumulate into hours when it comes to organising and using personal hygiene products.

Toiletry Kit Available On Crowdfunding Platform


Introducing KITATOZ, a luxury portable toiletry kit designed to revolutionise the way we consider personal hygiene when we are away from the comforts of the home by using a kit containing essential toiletries of a superior quality.

The KITATOZ luxury toiletry kit is designed with the most essential personal hygiene objects and liquids in mind to keep the busiest of persons satisfied and covered when it comes to personal hygiene and using toilettes away from the comforts of your own home.

We all know the feeling of being caught short when we are away from home weather it be traveling to work or sleeping in a hotel where you can either run out of toiletries or are given toiletries of an extremely poor and inferior quality and have to go out and buy your own only to be met with overpriced supermarket products that are bulky and inconvenient

KITATOZ are one of the names pioneering the change within the industry and vastly becoming a recognised and trusted name amongst the toiletries an personal hygiene industry by designing, constructing and delivering a product catered towards all the different needs and requires of personal hygiene to give that confidence back to all walks of life who have been left to feel let down by inferior or overpriced toiletries and products.

Toiletry Kit Available On Crowdfunding Platform

KITATOZ offer in their toiletry kit the very best of high quality luxury products currently on the market in a small and convenient package designed to be completely portable and efficient creating a product that is both luxury and efficient at the same time. Not only is the kit efficient and luxury it is also TSA approved which means it can be taken with you on a place without hassle, odourless, and completely organic as opposed to cheap and inferior toiletry kits.

KITATOZ knows its customer base perfectly and cares for them which is why they offer full customer support with their team to ensure that customers receive the very best experience when ordering a product through their site.

The goal of KITATOZ is provide a US Made product that is affordable and efficient in producing a service that will leave the customer feeling fulfilled and satisfied with their personal hygiene when away from the home knowing that they used the very best of high quality and luxury toiletries.

KITATOZ are all set to be the leading independent sellers of luxury toiletry kits this year and have generated a huge amount of hype around the kit and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign which is guaranteed to be a success with demand for the product already cemented with potential customers, pledgers and investors making the KITATOZ kit an already instant success and bestselling luxury toiletry kid for the year 2018.

Be sure to keep up to date with the KITATOZ team via their official website as they constantly update the status of the product and the official Kickstarter campaign which will go live shortly.




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