The Asian Entrepreneur launches publishing arm for writers with new funding


International business media company, The Asian Entrepreneur has recently secured $3.8m in funding during a new round of investment led by Sharp Capital with several co-investors from the United States and Singapore.

According to statements made by the company, The Asian Entrepreneur intends to use part of the funding to restructure its business with greater focus on developing publishing capabilities. This week, the company has acquired a stake in Wu Chung Publishing, an independent publishing house based in China.

“We are currently looking to build strategic resources and relevant business competencies within our company to allow us to ultimately develop into a substantial publishing house for the Southeast Asian region. At the moment, we are looking at potential investments and collaborations with relevant companies to achieve this aim.” said Salah Dabash, chief operations officer of The Asian Entrepreneur.

Originally a magazine that was conceived at Harvard University by entrepreneurs Harshul Sravastavas and Melvin Poh during 2011. The Asian Entrepreneur Magazine has grown into an integrated digital platform that curates and produces educational content on entrepreneurship in Asia.

Melvin Poh, the co-founder, has recently said in an official statement,

“The Asian Entrepreneur has always been driven by the pursuit of knowledge. At the outset, we wanted to fill a knowledge gap that veils Asia from the rest of the world by providing a reliable medium to share collective insights. We are successful in that vision as we have created an authoritative database of knowledge with our platform. However, we want to be able to provide others out there a greater opportunity to truly educate the world beyond the digital space and publishing books will be how we will facilitate that.”

Currently, The Asian Entrepreneur is managed by several regional teams based in Asia cooperating with an international team of writers. Beyond media, it is also actively involved in regional community building through various regional subsidiaries and initiatives.

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Company Name: The Asian Entrepreneur
Contact: Shulai Weng, Media Manager
Country: United Kingdom