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WS Wasserenthartung Schweiz GmbH has launched a campaign to explain to homeowners and residents in Switzerland the benefits of having a water softener


WS Wasserenthärtung Schweiz GmbH, a respected company in Switzerland that provides water softener products to remove minerals that causes water to be hard has launched an important awareness campaign. The company wants people to be aware of how important water softener products are and how they can increase the longevity of water-based home appliances.

The company imports some of the best water softener products available and has become a leading name in their field. They explained that hard water can cause serious problems around the home including clog pipes, and affect home appliances which include coffee machines, ice makers, dishwashers, water heaters, and laundry equipment.

“Hard water can reduce the life-span of home appliances; it can also affect the efficiency of a water heater which could result in more energy being used. By using a water softener product, it will remove minerals that cause the water to be hard, making it friendlier to water-based home appliances,” explained a spokesman for WS Wasserenthärtung Schweiz GmbH.

As well as saving money on home appliances, a water softener can help reduce energy costs.

WS Wasserenthärtung Schweiz GmbH provides a range of water softener products that can deal with hard water. They include:

• Kalso 70 with activated carbon

• With activated carbon for pollutant-free water

• Ideal for single-family houses

• Sparing and proportional salting

• 7-year guarantee

• Branded product from the USA

Also available:

• Kalso 70 + 90

• Ideal for one- and two-family houses

• Sparing and proportional salting

• 7-year guarantee

• Branded product from the USA

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They import large numbers of water softeners and assemble them by specialist staff throughout Switzerland. This means that customer has only one contact person and everything from a single source, right through to the extended guarantee.

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