The Best Apps, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Drone Content at New Media Film Festival


The 9th New Media Film Festival will be held on June 16 – 17th. The complete schedule of each session has been officially published.


Los Angeles, May 7, 2018: New Media Film Festival is an annual event that is devoted to honoring content creators in New Media industry. This year, the highly anticipated festival will be held on June 16th -17th at the James Bridges Theater, Los Angeles, California.


The submissions that will be showcased and the complete schedule of the festival have been announced. The festival will be divided into nine sessions and twenty categories. 110 New Media Films & Content from 40 countries with 36 World – 7 USA & 24 Los Angeles Premieres programmed. Among the 9th season, New Media Session 6 is the one that attracts the most attention because it will showcase entries from several different technologies and countries. The complete lineup of New Media 6: Apps-AI-AR-Digital Comic-Drone-Doc-Mobile-Tablet, Q&A 2:15PM – 4:15PM is as follows:



The Me App – Director: Paul Wagner – Country: USA

Eyes of Sky – Director: Eray Dinc – Country: Turkey



AR – Greetings from Columbus Villa – Director: Christopher Ruane – Country: USA

AI – Smartest S^^t in the Room – Director: Jonathan Kitzen – Country: Canada

AR – What is a Z Book – Director: Allah El Henson – Running time::30 – USA


Digital Comics:

Scrimshaw – Written by: Eric Borden – Country: USA



Life or Death Basically Ep 1 – Director: Alex Hughes – Country: USA

Man-o – Director: Adam Christie – Country: Canada

The Human Link – Country: Canada, Argentina, Spain

T(HE)Y – Director: Caroline Callender & Silver Liftin – Country: USA

The Secret Lives of Public Servants Ep 3 – Director: Amen Jafri – Country: Canada

50/10 Saul Turtletaub – Director: Daniel Smith – Country: USA

Crashed – Olympian Gabby Douglas – Director: David Crabtree – Country: USA



Faroe Islands – The Hidden Secret – Director: Thomas Vitali – Country: Faroe Islands

My Alaska – Director: Mike Criss – Country: USA

Dreaming of Peru – Director: Angel E. Vera – Country: Peru



Vote for Me – Italy’s migrants – Director: Claudio Lavanga – Country: Italy

Creepy Feeling – Director: Jules David – Country: USA


“In the 21st century, technology has strongly redefine filmmaking and storytelling. We want to honor content creators who are brave enough to work outside the boundaries and help aspiring New Media content creators to find more opportunities to develop themselves and their art,” said the representative of the festival.


Industry leaders from the Emmys, Grammy, HBO, BMI and Marvel are participating in this festival as judges, which increase the reputation of this annual festival. A total of $45,000 is prepared for the Grand Prize Award winner and also the award winners of each category.


About New Media Film Festival

New Media Film Festival is an event that is dedicated to nurturing new talents and rising content creators in the new media industry. It aspires to provide opportunities for all content creators that submitted their work to the festival instead of just the winners. Participants will have a chance to be invited to reputable movie festival around the world, have their projects funded or win some technological giveaways.


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