The Future of Cloud Computing with Anand Mehta


Anand Mehta, a technically sophiscated assurance engineer writes about how the idea of cloud computing improves our computing lives. He shares his versatile ideas on the benefits of cloud computing which are: flexibility, efficiency and strategic values.

Anand Mehta

Understanding cloud computing can help improve our businesses. Cloud computing is a new dimension where all systems are connected with each other having public or private interface. Today cloud computing is leading all over the globe, crossing into all parts of world for both private and public sharing purposes.

Over the years past, people tend to run application or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or sever in their building, cloud computing allows people access to the same kind of applications through the internet, how fascinating it is.

Cloud computing is quite different from the traditional services like networking, distributed computing and utility figuring. Cloud computing basically consist of three super models such as software services, hardware services or platform and infrastructure services. Generally, there are three types of cloud computing based on the audience which are public, private and hybrid.

Today clod computing is the paradigm where many systems are been inter linked with the private and public setups. Cloud computing differs from the traditional impressions of the utility figuring, network computing, distributed computing and autonomic computing.

In short, cloud is fast becoming the new computing change now relevant in the world. It increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow and offers many more benefits businesses and individuals to strife. Switch to cloud computing today and get unlimited access to run your applications with ease.

About Anand Mehta

Anand Mehta is a talented technically and sophisticated quantity assurance engineer with versatile years of solid experience developing and testing business applications that have optimized value, provided complex analyses of trends and conditions with increased operational efficiencies. His mission is to be the most competent and reliable quantity assurance engineer to be ever known.

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