The Heat Director (For Patio Heaters), A One Of A Kind Patent Pending and Innovative Device, Has Revolutionized The Patio Heater. Better Yet, You Will Be Warm!


Attach The Heat Director To Any New Or Existing Dome Style Patio Heater And You Will Actually Be Kept Warm Without Having to Huddle Up Under The Heater. It Adjusts To Help You Determine the Angle The Heat Is Directed.  Enjoy Those Cool Days and Nights Outdoors Again!


MISSION VIEJO, CA, April 21, 2018

Finally, someone has figured out how to get all that heat being generated up at the top of the patio heater down to where you are sitting or standing.  Those dome style, also called umbrella style, patio heaters generate red hot heat, but most of the heat is wasted when you only need it in a certain direction.  Well no more!  Attach The Heat Director to the patio heater and you can capture the wasted heat and direct the heat where you need it… where you are sitting or standing.

The Heat Director




Also, watch the short demo video at and you will be convinced that no patio heater should be without The Heat Director.  The Heat Director is not a patio heater… it is an accessory that attaches to existing patio heaters.  Installation takes about 5 minutes. There is nothing like it. 


Even better, the pre-launch has begun and for a limited time, new subscribers will be guaranteed a 33% discount when it launches on Kickstarter.  But to take advantage of the discount, you must take a minute and subscribe on the website at

The discounted price is $39.99 (MSRP is $59.99)The price will increase after the launch, so hurry!


We think this short testimonial sums it all up,

“This Thing Really Works!” – Resident of Mission Viejo, CA


The Heat Director is a new product and company to help your outdoor lifestyle become more enjoyable.  Subscribing will guarantee your discounted price when we launch on Kickstarter, and will keep you informed on progress and important dates, including the launch date.  Subscribe for The Heat Director on the website today, have parties, eat, drink and be warm!


If you would like more information about this product, check out the website at and subscribe, call The Heat Director support team at 949-328-4964, or email