The Massage Learning Center Is Accepting New Schools In All States For Featured Listings

The Massage Learning Center is a valuable and useful resource for students and prospective students of Massage Therapy in all 50 states.  Using this resource, a student can find the best school to suit their needs, in terms of location, transportation options, and other criteria that are important to them.

In addition to the school directory, there are also resources to assist students with learning the subject matter required to pass their classes and the licensing exams, where applicable.  The Learning Center  offers information on license requirements, continuing education requirements, and professional organizations.

The Massage Learning Center was created with students and practitioners of massage therapy in mind.  We are now looking to make this resource even more valuable to prospective students by allowing them to see, at a glace, the benefits of each Massage School that is listed in the directory.  We plan to accomplish this by offering featured listings to massage schools who are looking to generate leads for new students.

The featured listings we offer allow prospective students to contact the featured schools directly, whereas the free listings for the schools do not allow direct contact.  For a flat monthly fee, schools can be listed as featured, with images, descriptions, and contact information of their choice.  When students click the button to contact that school, an email is sent directly to the school’s admissions officer or other staff member.  These featured listings will generate leads for the schools to then contact, without being charged per lead.

As the site grows in popularity, as it has already begun to do, so too will the number of leads each school’s featured listing will generate.  Schools interested in creating a featured listing can see an example of what they will receive by clicking on New Jersey in the main directory, which can be found by clicking here.  If your school’s admissions department is looking to generate more leads in a cost effective manner, please contact us by clicking on the contact us link at the bottom of every Massage Learning Center page.


Schools in all states are invited to contact us about a featured listing on our site. As requirements for becoming a therapist become more rigorous across the states, students looking to embark upon this exciting career will need this resource more than ever.  Massage Therapy is a very competitive field, with new regulations for licensure being created across the states.  These regulations are important, as they will pave the way for greater acceptance of the profession among physicians and other healthcare professionals.  We hope that the Massage Learning Center can help even more students as they endeavor to become the best therapists that they can be.

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