The New Elc-Cam Beats The Selfie-Stick And Becomes The Coolest Gift For The 2015 Holiday



A new fun product has been launched on the market that has become the next big thing for mobile phone owners. The Elc-Cam allows people to take videos hands-free. No longer do people have to hold their cell phone when wanting to take videos of family and friends, they simply use the Elc-Cam that does all the work for them.

In 2014, the selfie-sticks became a must buy with consumers all over the world including celebrities, but now, a new product has been launched that has become the coolest gift for the 2015 holiday. That product is called the Elc-Cam, which goes much further than the selfie-sticks and has become one of the hottest cellphone accessories of 2015.

The Elc-Cam is a phone accessory that allows people to take videos without using their hands. It has become one of the most talked gadgets that fits a cap or hat, allowing the user to take videos no matter where they are. The product is available for $24 with free shipping and handling in the US by visiting and fits all cellphones.

When people go to concerts they have their hand above them taking a video of their favorite band using their cell phone, as well as causing the arm to ache; they are not able to enjoy the concert in its entirety. By using the Elc-Cam, which fits on their hat, they can simply press record and enjoy the concert without worrying about straining their arm.

The Elc-Cam allows the user to be a part of a family video. All they have to do is to place the hat in a position that will capture the event and rewind it and watch it with the whole family.

With the many features of the Elc-Cam and the hours of fun it can bring, it has become the perfect Christmas gift to give a loved one or family friend.

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About The Elc-Cam

The Elc-Cam provides cellphone users with a great way to take videos. It is a hands-free product and can be used to take videos of family and friends. It can also be used at sporting events and concerts.